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The Pacific Riviera, a Strip of Beaches with Hotels, Gastronomy and Outdoor Activities

The Pacific Riviera is a tourist destination with great value for its Pacific coast, thanks to the development of important hotels that offer tourists, in addition to the sea experience, sporting, recreational and cultural activities that invite them to return again and again.

Photo: Claudio Carrasco ( Tourism Guide)

A Strip in the Pacific with Beautiful Beaches

The Pacific Riviera is a strip of beaches that goes from Punta Chame (West Panama province) to Farallon (Cocle province). Along this route, which is 1 hour and 20 minutes from Panama City, Visitors can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and warm waters with hotels that mostly are all-inclusive. In this sector you can find seven large all-inclusive international chain hotel complexes as well as Boutique hotels, hostels and cabins for rent.

Activities, Shops, Residences and Gastronomy

This area favors the practice of surfing, sailing, kayak and various sports games. All these activities make the beach experience in the Pacific Riviera one of the most fun in all of Panama.

Similarly, along this strip of beaches you can find shopping malls, gastronomic proposals from all over the world, luxury residences and even communities for retirees from the United States and Europe primarily.

Photo: Claudio Carrasco ( Tourism Guide)

Beaches for All Tastes

The Pacific Riviera offers Visitors apart from diverse tourist complexes, beaches that fill the tastes of even the most demanding. For this reason, we share what they are and what they offer to Visitors:

Coronado: The first tourist development in Panama. It has small hotels and accommodations that offer other options to the visitor, as well as a wide range of services: supermarkets, shops and restaurants.

It is a coastal community and resort, at one hour from Panama City. It is characterized for being a vacation center visited by thousands of national and international tourists.

La Laguna de San Carlos: Located 42 minutes from Coronado, taking the road from the entrance of Las Lajas. La Laguna is located 850 meters above sea level, bordered by the exuberant beauty of Cerro Picacho. Although it is not a beach, it is a marvel that must be visited when touring the Pacific Riviera.

Punta Chame: Thanks to its geographical location, it offers Visitors unique and impressive landscapes. It is a narrow and elongated peninsula, with sea at both sides and extensive white sand beaches. In recent years it has become the preferred meeting place for fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the strong winds during most of the year.

Photo: Claudio Carrasco ( Tourism Guide)

San Carlos and El Palmar: It is a region located in West Panama Province. At El Palmar there is a hotel complex on the edge of the beach that offers amenities to spend the day with family or friends. It is an excellent place to enjoy a day at the beach, surrounded by palm trees and big waves for surfing. At El Palmar you can find several schools to learn or practice surfing, as well as renting boards to enjoy this sport.

Santa Clara: It is a beautiful beach with facilities for visitors, who can spend the day and for only $2.00 per person, can have access to bathrooms and showers. It also offers huts with hammocks that you can rent for $10.00 for the whole day. They also have restaurants. It is also allowed to bring drinks and food.

Farallon: This sector has a spectacular beach. The main attraction of this place is the Royal Decameron (all inclusive resort) with a casino. There are also good restaurants where you can try excellent seafood in front of the beach.

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