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Golden Beach Awards 2024 Selected Playa Estrella in the Top 100 Beaches of the World

Playa Estrella in Bocas del Toro in Panama was selected as beach number 46 among the 100 best in the world following the results of the Golden Beach Awards 2024.

Generally, the search for the best beaches in the world focuses on their visual appeal: fine sands and crystal clear waters. This selection goes beyond the conventional and encompasses a richer set of what makes a beach extraordinary.

This is the first selection to expand to encompass diverse criteria, such as value to the local community, DEI, lifestyle offerings, and cultural significance. This broader perspective shed light on beaches that do not normally appear on traditional, one-dimensional lists of “best beaches.”

Based on this criteria, they developed a selection process in which they invited travel experts and selected influencers from around the world to cast their votes and help in the selection.

The experts' criteria for selecting Playa Estrella in Bocas del Toro is that it is a quiet refuge with crystal-clear waters, white sands and abundant starfish. It is an ideal place for a quiet visit, it is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. An unforgettable experience observing starfish up close
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