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Print Media, an Important Tool for Marketing a Real Estate Business

It’s increasingly difficult to find ways to outperform the competition and make a good impression on potential clients. One of the best ways to make yourself known is by marketing real estate services using a reliable and long-established print media such as The Visitor – El Visitante with 30 years in the Panamanian market. It is important to complement online marketing efforts with the touch and feel of print media marketing tools to make the experience of purchasing a property more organic and real.

Below are three benefits of print media marketing for a real estate business:

Less Competition

Competition has increased considerably for real estate agents on social media compared to 10 years ago. Since most of the competition is online, it is best to stay one step ahead using print marketing techniques.

High Value and Credibility

Printed publications help build reader loyalty as they have credibility. Many people subscribe to magazines or read newspapers because they understand and believe that the information they are provided is credible and accurate. Strategic use of print media can efficiently increase sales, revenue and profits.

Traditional Marketing Complements Online

Print media like The Visitor – El Visitante helps digital marketing. An example is placing a half-page or full-page ad creatively detailing the information and in a strategic section a QR code with a text inviting people to scan it for more information in the website, including a special promotion.

Although the trend is digital for campaigns, it is clear that print media continues to play an important role when it comes to buyer confidence and decision making.

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