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Good Doses of Vitamin Surf in Santa Catalina can Improve Physical and Mental Health

Some time ago, Santa Catalina was a small fishing village with relatively few visitors. However, in the last 10 years it has become a world-renowned surfing destination for beginners and professionals alike.

Located on the Pacific coast of the province of Veraguas, it is the ideal destination for those who like to surf or want to learn this sport that brings enormous benefits for physical and mental health.

Photo: Jennifer Castro

Surf Dose for Experienced and Beginners

In Santa Catalina, the most experienced surfers visit the black sand beaches, where there are powerful waves that can exceed thirty feet. However, for those looking for more challenges, there is Punta Brava, where it is possible to enjoy good breaks and excellent tubes.

Playa Estero is the ideal place for beginners since it has the ideal elements for those who are learning to master the waves. The advantage of this tourist town is that they have several surf schools and places where it is possible to rent surfboards, making it easier to visit this place.

Photo: Los Arrieros Surf School

Benefits of Taking Good Doses of Surf

There is a compelling reason to practice this sport, its health benefits. Broadly speaking, surfing helps improve coordination and balance while toning muscles and increasing cardiorespiratory capacity and endurance.

Other physical benefits, such as the fact that salt water helps to clean the nasal passages or sun exposure, which, in addition to increasing the acquisition of vitamin D, helps to ease problems such as psoriasis.

More than a Sport, a Therapy for Mental Health

In addition to everything mentioned above, we can emphasize on the psychological benefits, starting with the reduction of stress. Practicing sports in a 100% natural environment increases the feeling of well-being that is obtained with the release of endorphins. However, being in a changing natural environment helps the person to stay focused on what is being done, allowing a total disconnection from the routine, worries and electronic devices.

Photo: Diego Salgado

Continuous Dose of Surf Relieves Pain

Expert physiotherapists have assured that this sport is a good therapy against pain, which is why it is recommended in patients with cystic fibrosis. In addition, around the world there are doctors who prescribe surfing as a treatment for some diseases, such as overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, depression and anxiety.

There are many reasons to visit Santa Catalina and acquire the required surfing doses, either with the aim of improving health, feeling better mentally or psychologically, increasing physical capacity or simply for fun. A tourist activity that brings enormous benefits.

Photo: Los Arrieros Surf School
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