Herrera, a Province Full of Traditional Manifestations, a Legacy of Our Colonial History

Folklore is the series of traditional, anonymous and popularized manifestations that are transmitted orally from generation to generation, and that take place within a...

The Coffee Tour, the Most Immersive and Natural Tourist Experience in Panama

Before, when people talked about tourism in Panama, they thought of skyscrapers, the Panama Canal and beaches. However, in recent times the Chiriqui Highlands...

Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair, 50 Years Dazzling with Art, Splendor and Traditions

In Panama, there is an event that generates a huge amount of Visits to the province of Chiriqui for its great variety of flowers,...

Calovebora, Veragua’s New Natural Jewel that Enchants All Visitors

Calovebora is a small Caribbean town of 600 inhabitants approximately an hour's drive from the town of Santa Fe. Just meters from where the...

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