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Inkas Restaurant, the Heart of Peruvian Gastronomy in Santiago and Aguadulce

Inkas Restaurante opened in 2018 in the heart of the City of Santiago in the Province of Veraguas, specifically in front of the Hotel Piramidal along the Pan-American Highway. Since its inauguration, Chef Jose Andres Simon Lizana has created with his talent a fusion cuisine with ancestral flavors, making his gastronomy a benchmark in the capital of Veraguas and which has expanded to the thriving city of Aguadulce.

Perfect Place to Celebrate Life

Inkas restaurant is a place to share and celebrate life through the ancestral flavors of Peruvian cuisine.  It is where the magical encounter between the treasures of the sea, Peruvian history and culture occurs, as well as the emotions of its people.

The renowned cuisine created at Inkas Restaurant by Chef Jose Andres Simon Lizana, a native of Chiclayo Town (Lambayeque-Peru), offers diners the opportunity to try authentic and varied flavors of the Peruvian cuisine.

Delicious Traditional Dishes

Ceviche: It is one of the most internationalized Peruvian dishes, made from sea bass or shellfish marinated with lemon, purple onion and “leche de tigre”.

Lomo Salteado: Born from Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, which contains pieces of beef fillet stir-fried in a wok with red onion, tomato, soy sauce… a sin not to try it.

Causa Limeña: This dish is generally served as an appetizer and originates from the pre-Columbian culture. The most important ingredient in this dish is the yellow potato and it can be tuna, shrimp or chicken.

Arroz a la Chiclayana de Mariscos: This delicious dish is a mixture of rice, fresh seafood, cilantro, yellow chili and its black beer. This dish honors the city of Chiclayo.

Suspiro Limeño (Dessert): It is a traditional dessert of Peruvian gastronomy originating in the mid-nineteenth century in the city of Lima.

Iconic Peruvian Drinks

Pisco at Inkas Restaurant is a Peruvian celebration for the world. Visitors can also enjoy 100% Peruvian beers.

Pisco Sour: It is one of the icons of Peruvian cuisine, but the world of Pisco is not only Pisco Sour, they also have different flavors of pisco chilcanos and the sacred cocktail of the Inkas.

Cuzco Wheat Beer: It has a pure and refreshing flavor with fine floral notes that are achieved thanks to wheat.

Cuzqueña Dorada Beer: Golden lager with a fresh flavor and special golden color.

Cuzco Dark Lager Beer: Perfect blend of roasted malt and caramel with great body, intense flavor and a provocative dark color.

Inca Kola: It is a Peruvian soft drink with a sweet flavor and a golden yellow color; the main ingredient is the lemon verbena plant.

Chicha Morada: Drink originating in the Andes, although it is currently consumed internationally. The main ingredient of the drink is purple corn that is grown in the Andes mountains.

General Information:

Hours: Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 9 pm, Sundays 12 noon to 8 pm

Payment system: Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Clave

Inkas Santiago

 Location: Inter-American Highway in front of the Pyramidal Hotel

Cell: 6542-4070

Phone: 950-9109

 E-mail: inkasrest71@gmail.com

Instagram: @inkasrestaurantstg

Inkas Aguadulce

Location: Cocle Province, Vía Panamericana, Plaza Maracativi

 Cell: 6440-7281

 Phone: 988-9839

 E-mail: andressimon@hotmail.com

Instagram: @inkas_aguadulce

Photos courtesy: Inkas Restaurant

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