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Pacific Yacht Tours, The Experience of Sailing Towards Unforgettable Experiences

In life it is important to create liberating experiences that allow you to live and feel places differently. Moments that last over time for those who have the privilege of experiencing them. All this and much more is what Pacific Yacht Tours offers during its yacht tours along the wonders that the Panamanian Pacific coast offers.

A Team That Takes Care 100% of Everything

This company has all the technical and specialized elements that make the experience at sea 100% rewarding. However, it is the human team that Pacific Yacht Tours has that differentiates this tourist services company from any other in Panama. Each tour is attended by the owner, along with his team attend the client’s needs and tastes, taking pride on exceeding all expectations. Guaranteeing an exceptional personal service.

Variety of Tours and Unique Experiences

This renowned marine tourism services company offers a wide range of experiences. From tours through the Bay of Panama, to sailing around the beautiful Taboga island. Likewise, lovers of sport fishing have in this company an ideal ally who will be in charge of creating the best of experiences. They also offer private tours for whale watching (between the months of July and October) and marine adventures in Las Perlas Archipelago, as well as private parties, celebrations and much more.

Exclusive Yacht Fleet for All Types of Tours

Pacific Yacht Tours has its own fleet of 5 yachts, designed for small groups up to 16 people. Each tour is private and designed according to the requirements of each client and their guests. This company is much more than a simple yacht trip, it is the first of unique experiences in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: the Panamanian Pacific.

General Information

Hiring the services of Pacific Yacht Tours is easy since it offers multiple payment options and adapt to the needs of each client.

To stay up to date with news and special offers, follow them on Instagram @pacificyachttours

Website: www.pacificyachttours.com

Telephone: +507-66761212 / 6679-5583.

Photos courtesy: Pacific Yacht Tours

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