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Leaf Restaurant, Fusion Gastronomy with a Perfect Atmosphere for Family and Corporate Celebrations

Nourishing the body is important, but so is nourishing the heart, mind and soul. This is the philosophy of Leaf Restaurant, a diverse gastronomic destination where the Chef Steffano Gamboa is inspired by the influence of different cultures along with the Panamanian to create unique dishes in Panama City.

Innovative Contemporary Food

Being surprised with new and delicious flavors is the specialty of Leaf Restaurant, with a menu where each dish leads the diner to discover new ways to enjoy an evening with your spouse or with friends. An innovative and creative culinary experience, full of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Currently this restaurant is recognized as one of the best in Panama, since in addition to its high quality it offers vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and options for all types of tastes and restrictions.

Perfect Atmosphere that Accompanies Each Dish

Leaf Restaurant has a comfortable, modern atmosphere full of colors that enliven the sensations in each Visitor. The interior decoration is the best accompaniment to the menu and where it is possible to enjoy dishes such as: tuna montadito, cobia tiradito, bao activao, Mediterranean Deep Fried Squid Tentacles, Truffled Popcorn, dried tomato and picaña risotto, crispy fettuccine and stracciatella, all unmissable dishes and are even better when accompanied by one of the house wines or signature cocktails. Of course, the evening must close with a dessert that thrills the senses like the deconstructed lemon pie, a mix of amazing flavors and textures, which can only be described by the palate. They also offer other desserts such as vegan pavlova, vegan cream, vegan sigh and red fruit jam (favorites of vegans and non-vegans).

A Different Lunch Menu Every Day

At Leaf Restaurant enjoying lunch is important, for this reason they offer a lunch menu from Monday to Friday from 12 noon until it last where every day the offer is different with delicious dishes made from fresh products and at a special price of $9.50. The best way to nourish the body, soul and mind during a demanding day at the office.

Perfect Place to Celebrate Important Moments

Leaf Restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere for those looking for a place to spend an afternoon away from traffic and the demands of daily life. For this reason, from Monday to Friday between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. you can enjoy cocktails and beers 2X1 with colleagues, friends or partner.

The months of October, November and December are full of celebrations that can be enjoyed at Leaf Restaurant with the best food and a cozy atmosphere.

Halloween (Valid for all of October):

This month Visitors can be surprised with the Halloween Burger: made with Premium Panama meat, sautéed onion, crispy prosciutto, colby cheese, special sauce with a Halloween touch, and served alongside potato wedges with a touch of pumpkin spices.

Mother’s Day (Valid on December 8):

The Menu for the most important woman is very special. This three-course dish: starter, main course and dessert, will be the most remembered by all mothers.

National Holidays in November:

Diners can celebrate Panama’s independence with the special dish of the month created especially by Chef. Steffano Gamboa, using 100% Panamanian products.

Catering Service for December:

This month is full of family activities, corporate events and meetings with friends. For this reason, Leaf offers buffet catering service in December, as well as home deliveries of ham, turkey, bread and exquisite Christmas desserts.

Likewise, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Leaf Restaurant will offer buffet-style dinners in the restaurant with ham, turkey, bread, rice and delicious Christmas desserts. To keep updated on events follow them in Instagram:@leafpty.

Corporate or family events are welcome at the restaurant, as they have a room that provides a private and exclusive atmosphere.

General Information:

Address: Ocean Mall Plaza, Costa del Este, Floor 2

Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 12:00m to 9:00pm

Thursday and Friday from 12:00m to 10:00pm

Saturdays from 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Cell: 6864-8070

Email: enjoy@leafpty.com


Photos courtesy: Leaf Restaurant

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