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Pedasi, a Town full of Things to Do and Enjoy


Pedasi is a tourist destination located in Los Santos Province with many activities to do. This article includes suggestions of places and activities offered by this unique region in the country.

Tour of Beaches

Although the beaches at Isla Iguana are beautiful and it is a place that everyone should visit, there are many other places with beautiful sand without the need to take a boat.

Playa del Toro: it is a golden sand beach close to downtown Pedasi, easily accessible by bicycle. The road that goes down to Playa del Toro is beautiful in itself, winding through a green field. It is a great place to take a long walk and escape the heat with a refreshing bath.

Playa El Lagarto: Famous locally for its big waves to practice bodyboard. Some of the locals who practice it have made it to international competitions in this sport. This beach is 10 minutes away by a path just before playa El Toro. There is a sign that leads to the beach, but all the Pedasieños will guide without problem.

Playa El Arenal: Not the most beautiful of the beaches around Pedasi, but it does have a lot of local flavor. This is where the fishermen start and end each day. Boats also depart from this beach to Isla Iguana; it is possible to arrange a driver on site, but most hotels have a local contact to direct you for the same price.

Cycling through the town of Pedasi

One of the best ways to experience the charm of Pedasi is giving a bicycle. The city is easily covered by bike in a few minutes. However, there are many paths that leave from the city center that leads to even smaller towns with beautiful views. All the beaches mentioned above can also be accessed on a bike.

Restaurants Tours

Pedasi is a small town, but full of culture, traditions and, in the last decade, great gastronomy. Panamanian chefs and foreigners have settled here, where they offer the highest culinary dishes as well as the most varied.

This town has more than 20 restaurants, from informal to exclusive, from fresh sushi to local delicious Sancocho, what you are looking for is mostly found. A sufficiently broad proposal that allows you to visit several restaurants during your stay in this beautiful paradise on the Azuero Peninsula.

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