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Loma Partida Aqua Lodge, a Paradise in Bocas del Toro With All the Comforts

The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is a natural and marine Eden full of places that few destinations in the world can offer. The beauty of its beaches, its refreshing nature, as well as its fascinating Afro-Caribbean culture mixed with other cultures, are ingredients that make this destination unforgettable. Of course, this natural wonder is enjoyed much more when you have a place to stay that is very comfortable, and blends with the natural environment, creating an unbeatable experience.

A Paradise in Bocas del Toro

Arriving in Bocas, there is a paradise that is only 30 minutes from Isla Colon by boat and that awaits each visitor who seeks to escape the stress of the city and everyday life. A place that has spaces to live and feel what Bocas del Toro really is…a natural Eden.

Lodging Surrounded by Nature

Staying in the Bocas Archipelago means being surrounded by the immensity of the Caribbean Sea, and the Loma Partida Aqua Lodge is a complex of cozy cabins on the seashore decorated to create a tropical environment where couples, families or groups of friends can live unforgettable moments.

The word “Loma” (Hill in english) in the name of this hotel complex is due to the geography of the region, a territory divided by an island and mainland surrounded by sea that have a hill where it is possible to share a barbecue or play with children safely and surrounded by nature.

Cabins Equipped and with Beautiful Sea Views

Visitors upon arrival will find cabins that meet the requirements they are looking for since Loma Partida Aqua Lodge has family cabins, quadruple and double options.

Each cabin is very well equipped with private bathroom, fan, air conditioning, free toiletries, terrace and wireless Internet. Each guest at this complex enjoys a delicious breakfast included in the stay.

Fun and Entertainment All Day

The impressive nature that surrounds Loma Partida Aqua Lodge invites you to relax and get lost in its infinite blue sea. However, it is also possible to fill in the day with other activities that Visitors like to enjoy such as fishing, canoeing, snorkeling, water sports among others. All within this tourist complex.

 It also has a restaurant bar with a pleasant atmosphere that offers an excellent variety of tropical, Caribbean and national dishes. They also offer a wide range of drinks for all ages and tastes.

Special Service

At Loma Partida Aqua Lodge each guest wastes no time upon arrival at Isla Colon, as they offer a personalized service to meet all your needs. A service that offers trust and relaxation from the first minute you arrive in this natural paradise.

General Information:

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Cell. 6831-2611 / 6555-7376

Reservations: 6450-3684

E-Mail: lpartidaresort@gmail.com

Instagram: @lomapartidaresort

Photos courtesy: Loma Partida Aqua Lodge

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