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Macho de Monte Canyon, a Natural Adventure Between Volcanic Rocks Created 600 Years Ago

Located in Chiriqui, it is a natural beauty created during the last eruption of the Baru Volcano more than 600 years ago. The canyon is 250 meters long with 15 meters walls and with a width between approximately 4 to 6 meters wide.

Jose Ibarra, Tourism Guide

Waterfalls Everywhere

Within 250 meters you can find a number of waterfalls that flow from the rocks on both sides of the canyon. The water is spectacularly transparent, cold for the most part, however, there are several places where it is possible to find jets of warm water, a magical contrast.

An Eco Natural Adventure

To access the canyon, you must go by road to Cuesta de Piedra, in the newly created Tierras Altas District. Upon arrival, you will find a hydroelectric plant, a bridge over the canyon and a small sign that indicates: Cañon Macho de Monte.

Upon entering through a small gate, you can see the water stream of the hydroelectric plant, where people usually bathe, especially those with small children who prefer not to venture down the rocks to reach the river. To the right there is a sandbank with rocks and a well-signposted path, where you must go down to reach the river and then walk down the riverbed until you reach the entrance of the Canyon.

Jose Ibarra, Tourism Guide

The Adventure of Getting to the Canyon

There are several ways to enter the puddle: one is to jump off the rock by diving, another is to climb down the rock, although the rock is like a ladder and is not slippery. There is usually a rope that you can grab and rappel down.

When you get to the pond you must swim about 8 meters and from there begin to see all the waterfalls gushing from the rocks. From this point you begin to walk towards the canyon, there is only a part where you must swim again to continue.

Charco Brujo

After going under the bridge that is up the road, you come to a very large rock that creates a waterfall. It must be lowered very carefully, preferably using a rope or with someone who knows the area.  Charco Brujo is a pond of an impressive blue color, especially at noon when the sun reflects directly off the water.

The Macho de Monte Canyon is an eco-adventure made of volcanic rocks that a paradise like the Chiriqui Highlands can offer.

Jose Ibarra, Tourism Guide

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