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El Trueno Waterfall, an Oasis full of Natural Jewels in the Middle of a Lush Forest


The sound of the streams, the greenery of the imposing trees, the sound of the birds gives the sensation of being transported to a magical place full of mysteries to discover.

This place is located in the community of Cuesta de Piedra within the mountain range, in the middle of the cloud forest hides the imposing El Trueno waterfall.

Jose Ibarra, Tourism Guide

A Path Through the Cloud Forest

The path is a trail that must be carefully descended to continue through the dense forest (still a bit virgin) where there are small water streams one meter deep.

Upon arrival, it is incredible to observe how grand and imposing the El Trueno waterfall is, a small reminder of how great Mother Nature is. The flow is so strong that its dew soaks clothes as it is still a few minutes away without the need to dive into the cold waters of the lagoon.

A Roar of Water that Shudders on Arrival

The Bregue River forms this waterfall that is approximately 17 meters high. When the water falls, it makes a loud roar and from this sensation comes the name “Trueno” (Thunder). The energy that falls from El Trueno waterfall forms a strong breeze and a roar that inspires all Visitors, one of the best waterfalls that the Province of Chiriqui offers.

This trail to El Trueno Waterfall is a jewel that preserves an oasis full of beautiful plants and animals. This place is located in a canyon carved out by the Bregue River that later feeds the Macho de Monte buckets.

Jose Ibarra, Tourism Guide

General Information

The trail is free to enter, there is no cost, however it is better to visit it with a guide since it is not properly signposted and it is easy to get lost. To go by yourself is advisable to study the path well and watch the videos that multiple guides have posted on YouTube to walk it safely.

There is a bus that leaves from Volcan town, and although the schedule is irregular, it leaves you at 2 kilometers from the entrance of the trail. By car it is possible to arrive in a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle to the entrance of the trail. Walking the whole trail lasts approximately 35 minutes in each direction.

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