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El Libanes Restaurant, Authentic Lebanese Cuisine full of Flavors and Unique Experiences for the Palate

The success story of this restaurant began 4 years ago when the owner of a food truck, was passionate about Lebanese food and with a great career in gastronomy decides to take his business to new heights. A wonderful idea that arose from the inspiration for its roots and that gave life to El Libanes restaurant.

The Key to Success: Original Ingredients

One of the valuable elements of this company since its humble beginnings has been the rigorous selection of products imported directly from Lebanon, with the purpose of keeping the original ingredients in each recipe and thus providing diners with authentic Lebanese food.

The commitment to this powerful idea full of flavors and experiences has been so successful in people’s palates that today El Libanes has two restaurants: Balboa Boutique, Ocean Mall in Costa del Este and soon in Costa Verde in La Chorrera.

Authentic Lebanese Food and Panamanian Flavors

El Libanes menu seeks to exalt the culinary tradition and practice originating in Lebanon, intertwining it in various recipes with panamanian flavors, enhancing its flavors to make it a unique experience for the palate.

Authentic Arabic food:

This restaurant has entries such as a portion of Hummus, paprika cream, Baba Ganush, Labne, Falafel, Kibbeh.

Dishes and combos including the Lebanese Combo, Lebanese Plate and Arabic Plate. As well as traditional salads.

The menu includes authentic lamb and vegetarian Shawarmas, as well as marinated chicken skewers and meat and lamb skewers, olive humus with lamb, Kibbeh, Tabouleh or Fattoush, Falafel, Baba Ganush, Grape Leaves, Cheese Sambusek. Their creams are ideal for sharing, especially the paprika cream. They also have vegetarian options, as well as children’s menu.

And to get away from daily stress, El Libanes has a 2 for 1 After Office with sangria and beers that mixes great with the menu.

Excellence in Service

Anyone who visits El Libanes will be able to verify that the wonderful service that is offered there is another key element that distinguishes them. For the team at this restaurant, the commitment to excellence in service is a priority, and it is reflected in each interaction with the client. From the moment diners walks through the door, they can feel the motivation to create the best of experiences.

General Information:

Hours of operation: 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from Sunday to Sunday.

Customer service Delivery and local

Delivery: PedidosYa, Uber Eats, ASAP


Ocean Mall, Costa del Este, 2nd floor

Cell: (507) 6516- 8647

Balboa Boutiques, Strip Mall, 2nd floor

Cell: (507) 6285-8477

Instagram: @libanespty

Facebook: The Lebanese Shawarmas

Photos courtesy: El Libanes Restaurant

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