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Bocas de Toro, an Ecological Paradise with Beaches, Surfing and Marine Activities in the Panamanian Caribbean

The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is a destination that stands out for its unique landscapes and care for the environment. A Caribbean destination that offers the visitor unique experiences in the tropical jungle, in the culture of the indigenous peoples of the area and on the islands where several have virgin beaches. A paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world in search of nature, perfect waves and landscapes far from the stress of the city.

Photo : Claudio Carrasco (Tourism Guide)

A Biodiversity Wonder

Bocas del Toro is home to 95% of the coral species in the Caribbean, so the Visitor must be prepared to see a wonderful variety of marine fauna in tropical reefs that include cat sharks, rays and many species of crabs and lobsters. It is also possible to take a bioluminescent tour or explore the Nivida Bat Cave.

This archipelago is also home to endangered sea turtles, a resident population of bottlenose dolphins, more than 120 species of sponges, three distinct species of mangroves, and a diverse selection of Caribbean coral species.

Photo : Claudio Carrasco (Tourism Guide)

Beaches and Ecological Wonders in Isla Colon

Isla Colon is the most populated island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago and is home to some of the main destinations in the area, full of ecological wonders and beaches to relax or go surfing. Bocas is located on this island, the main city and center of the province, where most of the hotels, restaurants, and nightlife venues are located.

Similarly, on Isla Colon you find Playa Estrella, a protected ecotourism destination where you can find a large number of giant starfish on the beach, although, can’t touch it as this affects the life of this species. On this beach it is possible to experience the Afro-Caribbean culture and gastronomy of the area.

Another place to visit is Playa Bluff, where you can practice world-class surfing and learn about local sea turtle conservation efforts. However, on the way to Playa Bluff, it is common to stop at Paki Point, a quiet beach ideal for cooling off with a beer or Playa Tortuga, which has the largest beachfront resort in the area, as well as the beautiful beaches of Boca del Drago.

Relaxed Atmosphere, and Many Activities in Bastimentos

This island is one of the largest in Panama and offers a relaxed alternative to the busy streets and bars of downtown Bocas Town. It is located just ten minutes by aqua taxi from Isla Colon. In this place there are many beaches such as the picturesque Wizard, which can be reached by a path that crosses the jungle.

Playa Polo is very popular because it is surrounded by corals, with calm waters and few visitors, perfect for spending a relaxing day. However, if you want to dive Coral Cay is one of the best places in the entire archipelago. To end a refreshing afternoon, you can visit the Red Frog Beach tourist complex, which has a well-known bar where you can enjoy a cold beer while watching the sun go down.

In Isla Bastimentos there are also the Zapatilla Cays, two beautiful uninhabited islands where one is open to Visitors.

Photo : Claudio Carrasco (Tourism Guide)

Excursions, Trail and Surf in Isla Carenero

This small forested island is located just 2 minutes by boat from Bocas Town, it is the ideal option for a “day trip”. You can walk the entire island in about an hour and then hit the beach for beginner surfing, stand-up paddle boarding or to taste seafood in some of the best beach restaurants in the archipelago.

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