Panama is Abundance of Destinations for Dream Weddings

Our country is full of romantic destinations for a wedding, from mountains and a country atmosphere surrounded by nature, to watching the sunset on the beach...

Canopy Tower, from Canal Defense Radar to a Bird Watching Tower

In 1963, during the height of the Cold War, the United States Army had the idea of ​​installing a powerful radar in Panama to...

El Valle, an Experience for the Senses

Raúl E. Jiménez E. Located two hours away from Panama City, in the central mountain ranges, there is a Panamanian paradise surrounded by breathtaking...

Isla Grande a Paradise in Colon with Beaches, Marine Life and Surprising Stories

Isla Grande is a tropical paradise, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, beaches with palm trees and an Afro-Antillean culture that is felt in the music and...

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