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Los Abetos Boutique Hotel, a Nature-Friendly Retreat Full of Comforts and Relaxation in Boquete

Visiting Boquete is synonymous of contact with nature, cool mountain climate and complete relaxation. It means experiencing stress-free days, delicious cuisine and unforgettable family moments. Los Abetos Hotel offers all this, but also accompanied by great service and comfortable facilities.

A Nature Friendly Place

In Los Abetos Hotel you can escape from routine, where every detail has been designed to guarantee the most comfortable stay. It is a nature-friendly retreat, intertwined with the elegance and comfort of the rooms. An Eden surrounded by gardens that combine perfectly with the natural environment and cool climate.

Guests are amazed by the 5,000 square meters of gardens full of flowers such as hydrangeas, camellias, among others. There are also fruit trees full of mandarins, oranges, lemons, mangoes, and soursop that are used by the restaurant to make delicious natural fruit smoothies.

More than 200 Years of History

The history of Los Abetos Hotel dates back to 1809, when John Douglas bought a huge piece of land to fulfill his father’s will: to build a place where people could relax and forget about their problems. In 1863 construction was completed and the hotel was named in memory of John’s mother.

Currently, this hotel was recently reopened, on this occasion also to fulfill the dream of its new owner Ruben Taboada and his family, who wanted to relive the beautiful moments they enjoyed during their childhood when visiting Boquete. Today they live in this mountain town in Chiriqui to ensure that guests have the best experience.

A Relaxing Stay in Every Room

The rooms at Los Abetos Hotel are the epitome of Boquete’s comfort and country charm. Each is meticulously decorated to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes each guest feel at home.

All rooms have Wi-Fi, hot water and a TV with 120 channels, as well as all the necessary amenities.

Austin Mama’s Barbecue Restaurant

A hotel that raises comfort at its highest peak must have a restaurant at the same level. That’s why they have Austin Mama’s Barbecue, where each meal is made with traditional methods based on 100% Natural Missouri Hardwood charcoal lumps and whole Wood Logs, a combination that creates a special flavor in each dish and attracts diners from all over.

Family Recreation Areas

Los Abetos Hotel has amenities that seek to create moments of recreation with family or friends. Each guest can enjoy a picnic area, trails, observatory to appreciate the nature that surrounds the hotel, a large garden, covered terrace, bird enclosure and BBQ area.

General Information:

Reservations: Cel. +507 6785-3203, Tel. +507 720-5407

Website: www.losabetoshotel.com

E-mail: reserva@losabetoshotel.com

Address: Volcancito, Barriada Santa Lucía (Boquete District)

Photos courtesy: Hotel Los Abetos

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