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Altos del Maria, a Mountain Community Full of Natural Attractions and the Best Luxury Camping in Panama

Altos del Maria is an exclusive mountain Gated community located in the Sora mountains at about 30 minutes by car from beaches and golf courses on the Pacific coast, and 1 hour and 30 minutes west of Panama City. It is a natural Eden for those who wish to acquire lots, land or houses in areas with a cool weather and a wide diversity of ecotourism attractions. Of course, with the comforts of modern life such as paved streets, drinking water, electricity, telephone, Internet, security and garbage collection.

Pistacho Mountain in Altos del Maria

Mountain Nature with Views of the Pacific Ocean

In this community you can enjoy views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The land is located between 400 meters (1,300 feet) and 1,185 meters (3,887 feet) above sea level, which offers people a cool mountain climate. Natural attractions include panoramic mountain views, a beautiful valley, views of the Pacific Ocean, waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, viewpoints, parks and a rich tropical forest flora.

A Community Full of Amenities

Altos del Maria has more than 37 amenities for family and friends to enjoy, including its activity center, three parks, tennis court, mini golf, Las Doncellas waterfall, eco trails, viewpoints, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and a bird watching observatory.

Luxury Camping Panama in Altos del Maria

For lovers of nature and comfort Altos del Maria has Luxury Camping Panama; a new lodging concept where it is possible to experience nature in a different way. Located in one of the most exuberant areas of Altos del Maria; and from where you can enjoy an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean.

Glamor and Comfort with the Camping Experience

Luxury Camping Panama consists of luxury camping tents decorated according to the lush natural beauty that surrounds it. There are 5 cabins where each one represents one of the elements of nature: air, water, fire, earth and love. It also has common areas for all guests where every night you can enjoy a bonfire and roast marshmallows, which makes this experience an unforgettable moment.

Two Options to Camp and Enjoy Nature

Luxury Camping has two types of camps that meet all expectations.

The Camping Suite dazzles with its 360° panoramic views of the Maria Valley, the Pacific Ocean and the exuberant natural beauty of Altos del Maria.

• Queen bed + 1 sofa bed.

• Minibar, coffee maker.

• Private bathroom with shower and hot water.

• Exclusive amenities.

Camping Deluxe has 4 different camping options: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Each one inspired by its element to offer a unique experience surrounded by exuberant natural beauty.

• 2 full beds.

• Minibar, coffee maker.

• Private bathroom with shower and hot water.

• Exclusive amenities.

Make your reservation and discover a new way to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature that Altos del Maria offers.

General Information:

Reservations: +507-6726-8178

Address: Altos del Maria, Sora, main entrance in Bejuco.

Photos courtesy: Altos del Maria

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