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Feria de Azuero will be held from April 19 to May 1 with Innovations for All Visitors

The Azuero International Fair is an annual event that highlights the culture, traditions and economic activities of the Azuero region. Organized for decades on the fair grounds located at Villa de Los Santos, after crossing La Villa River bridge when coming from Chitre, this year it will be held from April 19 to May 1. Organizers present a diverse program that includes agricultural exhibitions, craft shows, commercial sales, folklore events, parades, gastronomic activities and artistic presentations. The purpose of this major event is to promote cultural and economic exchange, highlighting Azuero’s rich heritage and offering entertainment for local and international visitors.

06 de Marzo de 2016, DME, XI Feria Agropecuaria, Comercial , Folclorica y Turistica del Valle de Tonosi del 2 al 6 de marzo.Juegos Mecanicos LA PRENSA/ David Mesa

Innovations in the Renowned Facade

This year, as a way to celebrate the 60 years of this event, the board of the Azuero International Fair reported that the renowned facade will be replaced by a new structure, result of an innovation process, uniting the new with the traditional. An element that will change the way of relating to this fair event.

For more information and to purchase tickets go to their Instagram account: @feria.deazuero

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