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Coquira Soil Project, Agro Ecological Farm Where Visitors Can Enjoy Regenerative Tourism

When thinking about places where you can enjoy regenerative tourism in an environment surrounded by nature and outdoor activities where it is possible to be in contact with farm animals, the Chepo District has a place that every Visitor would love. Located specifically on the Coquira road and at just 50 minutes from downtown Panama City you find Coquira Soil Project, a place that nurtures you with its holistic mentality and agroecological practices.

Thomas Patton and Adriana Roquer

The creators of this farm and multi-species eco system, Thomas Patton and his wife Adriana Roquer, apply their love for exercise, good food and healthy nutrition to the farm. For this reason, they put into action a plan to recover and maintain the health of the farm’s soil in order to have a 100% healthy production for the consumer.

Know Your Farmer Experience

Thomas and Adriana feel that a connection has been lost between people and their food, which is why the experience at Coquira Soil Project is Know Your Farmer. In Coquira, people have direct access to the person responsible of the food management, ensuring the quality that is purchased and what the body takes in. In this way they connect with the origin of the food, which provides energy and well-being to the body.

Farm to Table Gastronomy

At Coquira Soil Project, the Farm to Table experience is applied, which is also called zero kilometer food. This is because everything served to eat in the farm comes from its own production without the need to bring any inputs or ingredients from other places. A good way to help the body and mind feel good and get away from processed foods that affects negatively our health.

For this reason, in the farm’s restaurant you can enjoy the healthiest meals in all Panama, with agro ecological and biodynamic ingredients that achieve a nutritional connection with its origin and the land. Chef Andre Paolo Jimenez uses seasonal foods to create dishes that are creative as well as delicious. At Coquira the menu changes every day since the fresh ingredients change daily, as well as the great ideas when it comes to preparing the culinary delights that visitors enjoy.

A Residence That Dates Back to 1919

People who visit this incredible estate are fascinated by seeing a residence built 105 years ago in perfect conditions. This is where Visitors arrive, relax in its spacious spaces full of amenities before taking the tours, as well as the area where they enjoy the Farm to Table gastronomic delights.

Thomas Patton comments that originally this residence was a hunting house a century ago, the men would ride a whole day from Panama City to get there, and the women would spend two days traveling by cart, dodging countless streams.

On the second floor they are working on getting rooms ready for visitors with all the comforts to spend several days on the farm and live an even more regenerative experience in their lives.

Day Tours to Book

Visitors who want to learn about the Coquira Soil Project can book a Farm Tour and Breakfast on weekends and holidays to learn about the circular economy, food sovereignty, regenerative livestock farming and edible plants. The Tour is $45.00 for adults and $35.00 for children. You can also ride a horse, or enjoy a lunch 100% direct from the farm at an additional cost, experiences that you will enjoy fully.

General Information:

Reservation: 6673 – 6333 (Whatsapp)

Instagram: @coquirasoil

Website: www.coquirasoilproject.com

Address: Via Coquira, Chepo, Province of Panama

Photos courtesy: Coquira Soil Project

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