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La Pollera Congo Festival in Portobelo will Take Place on Saturday April 13

Portobelo will become the center of national Afrocolonial culture with the next celebration of the Congo Pollera Festival, to be held on Saturday, April 13 in the province of Colón.

This important cultural event is the opportunity for locals and foreigners to enjoy and learn about the songs, dances and traditions of an important component of the nationality such as the conga demonstrations.

This festival is held every two years, whose main objective is to reinforce a process of conservation, development and dissemination of the rich traditions of the region.

The event focuses especially on the invaluable contribution that black and maroon women have had in the history of these populations and on the survival and preservation of all the manifestations that make up Congo culture since colonial times.

This cultural activity is an initiative of the Board of the Pollera Congo, Masks and Dances of Devils.

The Congo Pollera Festival is complemented by the Portobelo Devils and Congos Festival, which has a profile much more aimed at highlighting the presence and contributions of man within this culture, and which is also held every two years, so They alternate, allowing the public to be offered annually a festival of different specificity, but with the same Afrocolonial roots.

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