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Volcan, a Town Full of Outdoor Activities that Continues Renovating and Strengthening its Tourism

Tierras Altas is a mountainous district located in the extreme west of Chiriqui Province, a region very different from the rest of the country. A natural paradise on the roof of Panama, just 45 minutes by plane from Panama City to David, and an hour more by car. Within this District and with the coolest temperature in the country, between 12 ºC and 25 ºC (53 ºF – 77 ºF) is the Town of Volcan, a destination that is not only on the “to do list” of tourists, It is a place that continues to renew itself for the benefit of its inhabitants and Visitors.

A Region that Continues to Renovate

In the town of Volcan there are cabins of various styles including wooden houses and hotels, many with fireplaces. Its architecture and temperature earned it the nickname “Little Switzerland”.  This region is always in constant evolution to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and further elevate the tourist experience, for this reason they created the Urban Zone project in the town of Volcan, which is currently in different phases of development and execution. It seeks to create spaces for the safe movement of people, without losing the rural way of life and customs of the district.

New Urban Area that Will Boost Tourism

The project includes the renovation of the central park of Volcan, the construction of a visitor center with a theater, amphitheater, an exhibition area designed by Panama’s Biomuseum, renovation of streets and sidewalks, construction of a bicycle path, reforestation of the park, recreational spaces, garden decoration and more. Currently the main street is finished and work on the new park will soon begin.

A second part covers solid waste management, the renewal of rural aqueducts in five townships, security management and centers that help manage this service with the help of cameras and other technological equipment.

A Region with a Wide Variety of Activities

Volcan has a complete array of natural and cultural experiences that, together with the renovations, will elevate the positioning and attractiveness of this region of Chiriqui Province. Below is a varied selection of activities that all Visitors can enjoy:

Las Fuentes Pond: A few meters from downtown Volcan you can find this place where you can enjoy a dip and a quiet day with the family surrounded by nature.

Volcan Lagoons: At a few minutes from the town of Volcan you can find this beautiful place where it is possible to go hiking, fishing, cycling, camping or have a picnic.

Raquel’s Ark: A sanctuary for animals that have been rescued and that can be visited by people interested in having closer contact with the fauna of the region.

Barriles Site: In this archaeological museum located within a private estate you can see the remains of an indigenous society from thousands of years ago, as well as petroglyphs where one shows the Baru Volcano and one more volcano. Mysteries to solve.

Arte Cruz: In this gallery the talented artist Cruz turns pieces of wood into works of art where he captures the nature, fauna and culture of the region.

Bambito Trout: Diagonal to the Bambito hotel you find this place with large ponds full of trout where it is possible to pass them and buy them. On site they rent everything you need to enjoy this activity.

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