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The Lost Waterfalls, a Trail in Boquete Where Couples can Share Together a Natural Experience

When February 14 approaches, couples begin to think about activities to share together and celebrate this special day. Normally couples go to dinner, dance or enjoy a walk on the beach with the sun as their witness. However, this time the suggestion is a trail in Boquete called The Lost Waterfall or Las Tres Cascadas as many locals call it. A place where time stopped and it is possible to discover abundant fauna and flora.

Discover Boquete from a Higher Altitude

For many, The Lost Waterfall is one of the best trails since it has an area where it is possible to see Boquete from a higher altitude. Apart from the abundant nature, there are butterflies and birds, most of the time the path is steep, and in some sections, some help from ropes is necessary. It is a path with a certain level of difficulty, since it begins at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level until reaching approximately 1800 meters above sea level.

Discover an Underground Cave in the Second Waterfall

The trail runs along the perimeter of the Baru Volcano National Park and is located parallel to the Quebrada La Mina, a beautiful stream of water that passes through the forest and empties into the Caldera River. Upon reaching the second waterfall you have the opportunity to explore an underground cave, enjoy a picnic at the base of the waterfall and rejuvenate yourself with an invigorating dip in the water.

How to get to Paradise

There are lodges that have transportation that takes Visitors to the trail entrance for a modest fee. It is also possible to take a taxi from the accommodation to the entrance of the trail. Another economical way is to take a small bus from Boquete’s central park that goes to “Bajo Mono” and charges approximately $2.00.

Admission costs is $8.00 since it is located within a private property and helps maintain the trail.

It is important to wear sneakers or closed shoes that do not have slippery soles, preferably shorts (waterproof), a t-shirt, a canteen with water, a cell phone with a camera for photos or a camera and a desire for adventure.

When visiting Boquete with your love one and both are looking for adventure, this trail is highly recommended.

Photos: Visitpanama.com

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