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Milky Way Farms, an Organic Farmhouse in Boquete Where Visitors Get to Enjoy Up Close the Life of Goats

When visiting Boquete, many Visitors think that they have already seen it all: coffee, nature trails, rivers, waterfalls, flowers, gastronomy, cool weather. However, there are still unique places to discover such as the Milky Way Farms, a goat farmhouse created by Piero Mercanti and his wife Adriane Cromer, who after years of hard work opened this place where it is possible to meet these enigmatic animals and much more.

Goats are very friendly and social

An Organic Goat Dairy Farm

At Milky Way Farms, what began as a concern for animal welfare and the pharmaceutical and agro-biochemical residues found in industrially manufactured dairy products became the motivation to create a farm that could offer high quality goat dairy products.

Goats love photographs

A Very Personal and Unforgettable Tour

Apart from having access to these dairy products, the Visitor can take a tour to meet the goats of this farm. Piero welcomes Visitors to the Milky Way Farms, telling personal anecdotes of how he and his wife managed to materialize this long-awaited dream.

Tender moments with the goats

Prepare Your Own Cheese and Meet the Goats Up Close

Once the Visitor feels at home and among friends, the tour begins with one of the most delicious experiences: making goat cheese. Piero teaches in a simple and entertaining way how to make it the traditional way.

Visitors making goat cheese

The tour continues to finally meet the stars of the farm. Each one has its own name and they wait with great enthusiasm for Visitors who have the opportunity to feed them. All this happens while Piero teaches about the different types of goats, their habits and the system the farm applies to keep them healthy.

Feeding the goats is a fun experience

Milk the Goats and Bottle Feed the Babies

After interacting with the adult goats, it’s time to meet the farm’s babies: Hazel and Nutella. Visitors learn to give them milk from a bottle, the most tender experience of all. The tour continues with the most anticipated activity: milking a goat, something that is surprisingly easy to do and that allows a person to create a special connection with this incredible animal.

Feeding baby goats is for all ages

Finishing the tour Piero introduces the bucks, who are also friendly and have their peculiarities. Of course, throughout this experience, Visitors can take photos with these friendly animals, since they are very photogenic.

Milking the goats is a must do activity

Enjoy Goat Cheese and Dairy Products

To make this tour even more unforgettable, it ends in the most delicious way, tasting different products based on goat milk, as well as the cheese made at the beginning of the tour, a delight for the senses. Of course, always enjoying a pleasant conversation with Piero and surrounded by the amazing nature that Milky Way Farms has, an experience that everyone needs to enjoy when visiting Boquete.

Tasting the cheese made at the beginning of the tour
Piero Mercanti, Adriane Cromer and family

For More Information and Reservations:

Cell: (+507) 6481-6397 (Whatsapp)

Instagram: @farmsmilkyway

Payment Method: Cash, Credit Card, ACH

Address: Palmira Abajo, 22 minutes taking the road from Plaza San Francisco, main road towards Boquete.

Photos courtesy: Milky Way Farms

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