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“Falling in Love with Panama”: The Vibrant Musical and Professional Journey of Jesus Garcia”

 Jesus García is a young folklorist musician, specialist in events, creative producer, technology lover and extreme sports enthusiast, who has charted an exceptional journey from the first bars in the garage of his house in Cordero, a picturesque town in the Venezuelan Andes. Starting with drums and percussion, he explored genres ranging from rock to Afro-Venezuelan and Afro-Colombian, keeping Venezuelan popular music in mind, leaving his indelible mark on the music scene.

Jesus Garcia

Discovering the World of Music Production

 His talent took him beyond the notes, unraveling the complex machinery behind the concerts. From the design of the stages and structures and platforms to the diversity of the wiring, Jesus analyzed the world behind musical production and events, interacting with technicians and producers, searching for information in a self-taught way, conducting training and specialized studies.

Innovating with Originality and Creativity

In 2009, Jesus founded DLuxe Producciones in Venezuela, a project that became a symphony of animation, colors, talent, music and technology. His tireless search for new experiences and his multidisciplinary team transformed social, musical, sports and corporate events into a great experience.

Jesus Garcia

Expanding His Talent to Panama

The Year 2011 marked his arrival to Panama, captivated by the energy and hospitality of this land with his wife Maribel Cimaroli, a marketing specialist. Adapting to the country, he merged art with technology, expanding his creativity alongside local talents with DLuxe Pro in the demanding Panamanian market. Since then, it has offered professional services in technical assistance and consulting, audio, video, lighting and stage design for renowned events.

Working with Internationally Renowned Companies

Within its extensive portfolio, collaborations in events such as Capac, Flamenco Festival, Miss Teen, Baila Reggaeton, Latin Cover, sports races, product launches with Samsung, 3M, Tupperware, national banks and recognition ceremonies stand out.

 Jesus Garcia celebrates the trust placed by private companies, producers, advertising companies and global brands, grateful for the gift and talent that were given to him and that he represents with great value.

Looking ahead to 2024, Jesus Garcia and DLuxe Pro are committed to strengthening and expanding their knowledge, offering an even more exceptional experience in the entertainment and entertainment industry. His story, a testament to creativity and dedication, continues to resonate in every chord of his vibrant career.

General Information:

Cellular: (507)-6446-3562

E-Mail: deluxepro.pa@gmail.com

Instagram: @dluxepro

 Photos courtesy: Jesus Garcia/ DLuxe Pro

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