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The High Season for Tourism Starts and the Beach is the First Destination on the Visitor’s List

When November arrives, the high season for tourism in Panama starts. A month full of patriotism that brings a large number holidays, allowing thousands of people to go on a trip with their families and friends to visit many places throughout the country. However, the beaches are the first places that begin to welcome visitors looking to get out of the rainy routine of the past months, although this year the climatological phenomenon of “El Niño” has decreased precipitation throughout the country. With more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline, this article reviews several of the most visited beaches by locals and foreigners in Panama.

El Palmar

San Carlos

Located along the Pan-American Highway, 11 km west of Coronado and 27 km east of Santa Clara, San Carlos primarily serves as an entry point to two beautiful beaches. The most popular is El Palmar, with strong waves that are best during high tide, attracting many surfers from Panama City. Which is why there is a surf school nearby and where they also offer accommodation. For those who want to just enjoy the beach, El Palmar has beautiful stretches of sand and truly colorful sunsets.

The other accessible beach is Ensenada with entire extensions where it is possible to enjoy a swim in these calm waters of the Pacific coast.

Venao Beach


It is a picturesque town located on the Pacific coast of the Azuero Peninsula. This popular site is part of the Pedasi tourist district in Los Santos province (5 and a half hours from Panama City), it has black sand beaches, world-class surfing and where it is also possible to find some boutique hotels, hostels and good restaurant options.

Surfing is the main activity at Playa Venao, but it is also possible to enjoy deep sea fishing, snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddleboarding. Other activities include horseback riding, yoga and eco-spas.

Santa Catalina Beach

Santa Catalina

This Surfing Paradise is located on the Pacific coast in the central province of Veraguas. Here you will find a wide variety of small hotels and restaurants with local and international food, as well as bars that makes up the nightlife.

Santa Catalina is the closest access point to visit world-class diving sites and snorkeling within Coiba National Park.

The most popular activity is surfing, as it has world-class waves and most of the places are for experienced surfers. However, on Estero beach, the waves are smaller and it has a sandy bottom for beginners.

Playa Las Lajas

Las Lajas

Located on the coast of Chiriqui, it is a beautiful beach without tourist crowds, and from where it is possible to see the islands of Ensenada and Silva de Afuera off the coast. Las Lajas is so long and so straight that the sand and palm trees seem to extend infinitely in any direction. Apart from the great tranquility that is experienced on this beach, it also has activities such as: surfing around Isla Silva de Afuera, trying the exquisite culinary offerings of the restaurants with local and international offerings. There are also hotels that offer relaxing massages on the beach and companies that offer diving with experienced instructors.

Isla Grande

Isla Grande

Although it is an island, it has beautiful beaches and is located a few minutes by boat from La Guaira in Colon province. Here it is possible to enjoy a Caribbean atmosphere, as well as Afro-Caribbean cuisine. There are also remote beaches surrounded by palm trees, white sand and turquoise waters. The surroundings have ideal places for diving, snorkeling and underwater fishing.

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