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Hanging Bridges Over the Treetops, an Adventure in the Heights of Chiriqui

Panama offers a variety of outdoor activities or activities focused on adventure pursuits. One of the places where many of these activities have been developed is in the Boquete region, province of Chiriqui, where it is possible to practice rafting, climbing, zip lining, mountain biking, horseback riding, among many others.

Photo: Boquete Tree Trek

Tour the Tropical Forest on Hanging Bridges

In Boquete Tree Trek you can enjoy the biodiversity of the Tropical Cloud Forest of Panama, and one way to experience it is through a 4.5 kilometers long natural circuit where there are six hanging bridges that offer the sensation of “flying” over the tops of the tall trees in this sector in Chiriqui.

Throughout the route within the forest reserve, you can enjoy views of rivers, waterfalls and the imposing Baru Volcano, the highest point in the entire country at 3,475 meters high. Likewise, each Visitor will be able to get up close with the flora and fauna that lives in these forests, as well as the impressive sounds of birds in their real natural environment.

Photo: Boquete Tree Trek

An Experience in the Heights

People who suffer from a lot of vertigo are not recommended to do this activity since the suspension bridges are between 10 to 75 meters above the ground. At the same time, the shortest bridge is 70 meters and the longest is 135 meters long. An unforgettable experience that is reflected in each photo that the Visitor takes as a souvenir.

To carry out this adventure it is recommended to wear closed shoes, long and waterproof pants, since it is a very humid area. It is also important to bring water and mosquito repellent.

Photo: Boquete Tree Trek

An Adventure Surrounded by Natural Diversity

This route of bridges in the heights of the trees takes place within the Rio Cristal forest private reserve, located in the Talamanca mountain range that borders the La Amistad International Park (P.I.L.A.). The tours offered are accompanied by a local guide, who will help guide and learn about the exuberant flora and fauna of these impressive forests.

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the biodiversity of the Tropical Cloud Forest of Panama from a different perspective and full of adrenaline. For more information write to: reserva@boquetetreetrek.com.

Photo: Boquete Tree Trek
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