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Agro-Tourism Farms in Tierras Altas, Places that Connect the Visitor with Nature


Tierras Altas District, in Chiriqui Province, has been working hard to position itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the country. For many, its cool weather, exquisite world-renowned coffee, the beautiful and colorful landscapes, and the history of ancestral peoples settled in these areas have add great potential to achieve this goal.

Many of the farms found in this region offer most of these elements that make Tierras Altas a unique destination with a wide variety of activities. Here are four of the most representative farms that tourists can visit.

Dracula Estate

Dracula Estate

Finca Dracula is a private Botanical Garden specialized in the cultivation and conservation of orchids. It has a collection of more than 2,000 species of orchids and large extensions of tropical gardens.

The farm is located at 2,200 mts. above sea level, making it ideal for housing orchids from cloud forests. Of all the orchids, Dracula became the queen of the farm, prospering to the point of housing 112 of the 120 species that exist, which led to the name of this place: Finca Dracula.

After three decades of hard work, they have now one hectare of gardens that are constantly growing and improving. There are also many endemic trees and plants that help to extend the range of the forest.

Dracula Estate

Janson Estate

The story goes that Carl Janson migrated from Sweden to Panama in the 1940s, originally starting out as a cattle ranch. However, the second generation began to plant coffee. Today, the fourth generation continues to develop coffee as a family business for national consumption and for export to all parts of the world.

This farm has several options of coffee tours, depending on the time available the farm offers several options that make the visit a unique experience. The basic tour explains the different varieties in coffee plants, its benefit, the pre-drying patio, the drying process, roasting and packing, ending the tour at the coffee shop.

Janson Estate

They have a Premium tour, where the Visitor experiences the tasting of three of the main types of coffee: Janson, Geisha Lavado and Geisha Natural. These fall under the category of competitive specialty coffee. It is also possible to taste geisha shell tea.

At Finca Janson there are two lagoons that are craters from when the Baru Volcano erupted. They are about 20-25 minutes away by 4×4 vehicle, and you can go hiking, camping or fishing in them. They also have cabins in the lagoons where from a couple to six people can stay. On the tour you can also do bird watching with expert guides who will help discover species that are difficult to find in other parts of the world.

Jenson Estate

Guardia Estate

This agricultural tourism farm located in Volcan offers the visitor an experience that allows them to connect with farm animals. At Finca Guardia people can have interaction with chickens, ducks, puppies of different breeds, sheep and kids. You can also enjoy horseback riding and pony rides for the youngest members of the family. For people who want to have horses and a place where they are well cared for, this farm offers stables for rent.

This farm stands out for being a producer of premium meat and honey, which are widely consumed in restaurants in the area and sought after by visitors. It has a large number of flowers in the gardens creating a relaxing and unforgettable experience surrounded by nature.

Guardia Estate

Ceriana Estate

Strategically located between Chiriqui highlands and lowlands, this farm is a large area conserved by private efforts for the preservation of the region’s flora and fauna.

Finca Ceriana has unique characteristics since it has species of birds and other animals both from high land areas and from lower-altitude sectors. The property is part of a biological corridor that includes the famous Volcano Lagoons. This natural corridor is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, as well as being an important area for bird migration. The Lagunas – Finca Ceriana biological corridor is vital for the well-being of the protected areas of PILA (La Amistad International Park) and the Volcan Baru National Park.

Ceriana Estate

The farm has been conditioned to offer the Visitor comfortable trails for outdoor activities and bird watching in particular. It also has an observation tower located in the treetops of the forest, a gourmet picnic, a mill and much more. It has 10 protected hectares and nearly 3 kilometers of trails as well as one of the most beautiful views of Golfo Dulce,  Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and Punta Burica in Panama.

Ceriana Estate
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