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Calovebora, Veragua’s New Natural Jewel that Enchants All Visitors


Calovebora is a small Caribbean town of 600 inhabitants approximately an hour’s drive from the town of Santa Fe. Just meters from where the road (recently paved) ends, there is the beach, beautiful enough that Visitors who had been able to arrive years ago considered it the most beautiful in Panama. A destination that before could only be reached in all-terrain vehicles with great difficulty, today opens its doors to tourism and adds a new reason to visit Veraguas Province.

Photo: Jerry Moreno IG: @travelingsoulspanama

Beaches That Enchant Visitors

This beach that enchants with its clear and pristine waters still feels wild thanks to the intense winds that hit the area, it is a place that has become an ideal point to set sail by boat to Escudo de Veraguas. Another natural paradise that in recent times is a place to discover for many.

Although the town of Calovebora has a beautiful beach where it is possible to relax and enjoy its waters, this area has two more beaches that can be visited by boat. The first is called La Miel             (honey), at 20 minutes by boat from Calovebora town, an inhospitable place where the beach is practically exclusive for the Visitors. The second one is 45 minutes away by boat and is called Playa Arco, due to a formation of stones that make the shape of an arch and make this place one of the favorites to visit for many.

Photo: Jerry Moreno IG: @travelingsoulspanama

Areas for Conservation of Nature

On the road to this new destination, the Santa Fe National Park is crossed, as well as the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, one of the largest bioregional conservation areas in the world. This corridor facilitates animal migration through eight countries from southern Mexico to Panama and is home to 7% to 10% of the world’s animal population. The steep slopes of the mountains are covered with primary forest, accompanied by ranches and small clusters of houses along the way.

Where to Stay

Calovebora has three hostels and wooden houses of locals who rent rooms to accommodate Visitors who wish to discover this beach town. The hostels offer breakfasts and lunches at reasonable prices, where their main dish is fried fish with patacones (plantains), a delight that is enjoyed since it is served fresh from the sea.

River and Waterfall

Besides the beautiful beaches and the impressive nature that surrounds this place, it has two more great attractions. One is the Calovebora river from where you can go by boat to the indigenous communities that exist along this river source. The other is El Macho waterfall in the El Guaba sector, an ideal place to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Calovebora is Panama’s new natural jewel that is easy to access for local and foreign visitors to enjoy.

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