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Panama, The Best Place to Live According to the Latest Expat Insider Report from InterNations

Panama was selected the best country to live for foreigners from 53 countries, according to the latest Expat Insider report from InterNations, a global platform for people living abroad.

This year's survey was conducted with more than 12,500 people, who work and live in Panama, about how happy and satisfied they are living in a foreign country.

The survey showed that 74% of foreigners in Panama say they are satisfied with their financial situation, which indicates that the country occupies first place in this factor and fourth in the personal finance index as a whole, according to the results of the report.

The report also showed that foreigners consider that it is easier to find accommodation in Panama. Also 98% of respondents praise unrestricted access to online services such as social networks. In addition, respondents consider that it was easy for them to obtain a visa in this country.

On the other hand, 88% of foreigners living in Panama said that available family income is sufficient or more than enough to lead a comfortable life.

About a third of respondents (32%) are already retired, but even if you have to work, they consider there are worse places to be than Panama. The country ranks 12th in the Overseas Work Index.

In conclusion, Panama ranked third in the 2023 version of this survey carried out. This year it rose to first place and was crowned by foreigners as the best country overall. 82% are happy with their life there.
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