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Nata de los Caballeros will Host the First Onion and Tomato Fair

The Onion and Tomato Fair will take place April 17 – 21. The citizens of Nata and local authorities hope that this activity will result in benefits not only for Coclé Province but for all the central provinces.

Nata de los Caballeros opens its doors during these dates to the general public, offering its most colorful dresses both in culture and tradition and making tourists see the relationship between man and nature.

The central provinces have been develop ING into an agri-food corridor, and related activities such as tourism have energized the region. Of course, one cannot talk about the role of the interior if one does not mention the role of Nata de los Caballeros in supplying products to the interior of the country.

This is an area rich in cultural activity such as the harvest of some crops such as onions and tomatoes. For some years now, producers in the region have voluntarily joined forces, always trying to give the best face to the area.

In this framework and in one of the seasons where visits to these sites and local tourism are encouraged, the onion and tomato fair is organized by the cream of the knights. This activity seeks to increase the thriving relationship between the producer and the land.

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