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The Best Places to Visit and Celebrate the Arrival of the New Year in Panama

The new year is getting closer and everyone is looking where to go to welcome it. Panamanians have varied tastes, many like to stay home at a family party until dawn and others love to go out and wait for the new year in a bar or nightclub. There are also those who love to visit places where you can witness the first sunrise of the new year.

No matter where you decide to celebrate, the new year is the opportunity to experience different traditions such as counting the seeds of the 12 grapes that are eaten at 12 midnight and then playing the number in the lottery, or even walking through several blocks with luggage in order for the new year to be full of trips.

Casco Antiguo

This sector of capital city, considered the most visited in the country after the Panama Canal, has a bohemian atmosphere, architecture full of history and multiple places to celebrate the new year among clubs, cafes, restaurants.

In this place, people do bar and restaurant hoping trying culinary proposals and variety of environments while waiting for the arrival of the new year. Of course, it is also possible to make a reservation to spend an evening on several of the terraces overlooking the city from where you can watch the midnight fireworks.

Bay of Panama

Our country is surrounded by oceans, and Panamanians love going to the sea, for this reason several boats offer tours of the Bay of Panama to celebrate the arrival of the new year in a great party.

On these boats you will find everything you need to start the year full of joy and fun, from a delicious dinner to drinks of all kinds to celebrate. The best part is watching the fireworks throughout Panama City from a privileged location.



If there is something that many people like to do, it is to start the new year with a good dip in the beach. Panama has thousands of kilometers of beaches on both the Pacific and the Atlantic, and many of these are visited by Panamanians and foreigners on the morning of January 1st. Beaches on the Pacific such as Coronado, Gorgona, El Palmar, Playa Blanca, Venao and Las Lajas welcome thousands of Visitors and several of these have events such as the Burning Women on Santa Catalina Beach in Veraguas, where a sculpture made of leaves and branches of dry trees in the shape of a skirt is filled with papers that have people’s wishes for the new year are burned on the beach making a huge bonfire 6 meters high. Likewise in the Atlantic the beaches of the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro and Colon are filled music, parties and lots of people.

Photo: Claudio Carrasco
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