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First Shout for Independence, Historical Event that Paved the Road for Our Independence from Spain

Long live Freedom! was the First Shout that the Istmeños gathered in La Villa de Los Santos heard from a woman named Rufina Alfaro, originally from Las Peñas.

This historical event occurred on November 10, 1821 in Panama, in which a popular uprising against the Spanish colonial government occurred. Although historically this fact is not fully proven.

Causes of the Historical Event

The continuous abuse of the Spanish authorities and the annoying economic situation were one of the causes that gave rise to the beginning of the frustration of all Panamanians and the feeling of independence from the Spanish crown.

This caused a process of uprisings in several parts of the country without a drop of blood, among them, Parita, Las Tablas, Penonomé, Ocú, Natá de los Caballeros, San Francisco de Veraguas and Alanje in Chiriquí.

Liberation Movement

The desire to be free was attended to by Don Segundo Villarreal who put together a group of volunteers with desires for liberation and willing to give their lives to pressure the Spaniards to proceed with the decision of separation.

This act achieved the basis of independence after an Open Town Hall. This is why November 10, 1821 is considered a day directly related to the declaration of independence from Spain on November 28, 1821. Every year this date is celebrated with parades in various parts of the country but mainly in the Villa de Los Santos.

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