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Paseo Marino de Colon, a Place that Provides Health and Sports with the Best View of the Atlantic

For many people, travel means relaxing, resting or adventuring, for others it means spending the day at the beach drinking refreshments and eating at the buffet. However, there are those who maintain their diet, take care of themselves and of course do not stop their exercise routine even if they are on the other side of the world. And it seems difficult, but when there is discipline it is easier.

Sport With a Breathtaking View of the Atlantic

The goal is not to play sports all day unless the trip or the place invites you to be there most of the time, as is the case of Paseo Marino (Marine Walk) in Colon City. And it is that this place, inaugurated in 2017, has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean, so beautiful that people immerse themselves in it and do not realize the amount of calories they burn when they visit it.

A Place full of Areas to Exercise

The aptly named first Panamanian Caribbean Viewpoint, is a promenade that runs through part of the City of Colon and has recreation areas for children and adults, bike lane and even a plaza for people who like “skating”. In this privileged place you can watch ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal and those that go to the huge Manzanillo port with merchandise from all over the world.

Benefits of Doing Sports During your Visit to Colon City

Visiting Colon is discovering its history, its people and at the same time enjoying areas perfect for practicing outdoor sports such as walking, jogging, running on the track, basketball or even soccer. A city that also has a wide central street where you can walk directly to this seafront. However, beyond tourism, there are the health benefits of visiting this place and playing sports.

Improves Mental Health

Being in contact with the ocean allows you to be aware of the world around you and a very good way to take care of your mental health. In this sense, doing outdoor activities also helps to have better self-esteem.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Spending time outdoors can lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Performing low-performance activities also help to better manage anxiety.

Helps Sleep Better

It is advisable to go outdoors during the first hours of the day in order to regulate the sleep cycle. The cells in our eyes need to be exposed to sunlight so that we can get a good night’s rest.

Improves Memory

One of the natural ways to work memory is to walk in front of the sea. It has been found that it can improve it by up to 20% and helps develop the retention capacity of the brain.

More Vitamin D

It has been scientifically proven that being in contact with the sun’s rays allows you to absorb better vitamin D, which is necessary for the proper functioning of cells and bones. Going out and walking for a while along the seafront helps to absorb the necessary vitamin D.

Visit Paseo Marino in ColonCity with family or friends and discover the charms that await in this Panamanian Atlantic city, as well as its health benefits.

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