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Arich Afi, a Creative Entrepreneur of Animation and Illustration with a Global Vision

Our entrepreneur began to draw from a very young age, developing her interest in art, motivating her to take a technical career at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Chitre. In this academic compound, she strengthened her knowledge and skills in different techniques, although was not to finish the last year since she had to move to start her university studies in graphic design at the American University of Madaba located in Jordan.

Path Full of Creative Opportunities

Although her studies took up a good part of her time, Arich Safi found a way to offer her services as a designer, especially when designing a children’s book, a project that gave her great experience and the opportunity to carry out her professional practice at Leo Burnett, a prestigious advertising agency where she learned to further develop her creative muscle. However, as a final university project, she decided to take a risk in the midst of the pandemic and developed an animated short film called “The Happiness Thief”. This final project helped our entrepreneur get her first job in a production company called Jordan Pioneers, where she worked for two years as an audiovisual animator for the children’s series Ahlan Simsim, the Sesame Street version for the Middle East.

Animation and Illustration Services

Currently, Arich Safi works independently with the purpose of creating ethically and passionately new paths for the development of art in Panama, as well as opening more doors to careers such as illustration, animation, sustainable design and more.

The services that this creative entrepreneur goes from the creation of a brand’s visual identity to illustration. Likewise, she also creates audiovisual animation, content creation, video editing, photography, art wall and everything that her creativity leads her to achieve the communication objectives of her clients. However, Arich Safi emphasizes her efforts mostly in ​​illustration and animation.

General Information

Cell: +507 6693-5156

Instagram: @graphic.oh

E-mail: arichsafi@gmail.com

Photos courtesy: Arich Safi

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