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FURIA, Panamá City’s Hot Spot that Fuses Gastronomy, Mixology and the Best Nightlife

FURIA, the indisputable hot spot for those who appreciate and enjoy gastronomy, high-end cocktails and nightlife in Panama City. Located in Bellavista, PH La Trona, FURIA is a restaurant, mixology bar and nightclub with the ability to take diners on a culinary journey through international and Japanese fusion dishes.

A Sensory Experience

In FURIA you can enjoy a chic atmosphere, where the interior architecture is inspired by the elegant minimalist details of nature.

It is the place where a balance of life is achieved, of the five elements that represents it, making the interior design offers a one of a kind experience, guided by a contagious energy.

The restaurant and its rooms transform a high-end dinner service into a vibrant environment for socializing… Behind this great work are Atsuo Gutierrez, Eliecier Alvarado, Gilberto Barrios, Gilberto Vega, Guillaad Pesso, Julio Gonzalez, Luis Picard Ami and Mariano Gustini founders of the FURIA Group. And, of course, they have a staff of chefs, cooks, waiters, bartenders, mixologists, security and protocol, specially trained so that every detail is covered.

Fusion Gastronomy with Latin Roots

If there is something that attracts FURIA and motivates to return again and again, it is its fusion cuisine with Latin roots, the result of the professional experience and creative direction of Executive Chef Juan Rodulfo and Nikkei Experience Chef Ruben Cova. The gastronomic experience allows diners to enjoy a large part dedicated to sushi, such as the most surprising and ingenious rolls, these being the FURIA roll, with salmon, kani, unagi cream cheese, bubu arare, chili pepper threads, and ikura. They also have a vegan option, the veggie roll with Asian mushroom aioli, crispy wakame, shitakes mushrooms, asparagus, avocado and porcini powder, without leaving behind the Keto fans with a roll of rice paper, lettuce, radishes, salmon, tuna, hamachi kani, chives, avocado and yuzu mix soy. Plus, a number of different nigiri, tiraditos, the iconic sashimi, hosomaki and more.

However, the dish that closes the sensory experience of each palate is created by the Nikkei Experience Chef, with Omakase of FURIA, which represents the delicacy and essence of Japanese gastronomy under the philosophy of elegance in each bite, whose principle governs with the most sublime excellence of the elemental ingredients and the search for the complexity of the flavors through respect in their treatment, freshness and assembly.

Mixture of Flavors in Each Dessert

This restaurant’s dessert pantry features Baked Alaska, an Italian vanilla sponge cake, Neapolitan ice cream, Italian meringue, biscuit ice cream, miso caramel, almonds, strawberries, and table fire-dipped gold dust. A mixture of flavors that explodes both in the mouth and in the mind when you feel them all on the first bite. The same is true of the Furia-style Creme Brulee, which offers two plate options from vanilla with sweet and matcha popcorn, with fine slices of almonds and gold dust.

Evenings Full of Rhythm and Flavor

FURIA’s cuisine is accompanied by a menu with a wide range of beverages, which is multiplied in terms of its offer with a good selection of subtle wines, where different sakes and liqueurs are added, with good references of high-quality mezcals and tequilas that delight the more daring palates.

Of course, mixology is also a fundamental section since it has a leading role. The bartender Jorge Gonzalez runs the bar with a creative menu full of natural, local ingredients and homemade infusions. Perfect examples are FURIA Mule a twist with homemade Ginger Beer and Gray Goose, Shiso a signature cocktail with Bombay Sapphire, lychee liqueur and basil foam with cucumber, similarly, the Hades cocktail with Dewar’s 12 years, chocolate liqueur, citric acid and red wine.

Each cocktail is enlivened with the presentation of disc jockeys throughout the night, creating the perfect atmosphere with tribal rhythms, deep house, crossover and reggaeton, as well as national and international DJs.

After dinner, a new horizon opens on the premises. Everything happens starting eleven at night, time for drinks, bottles and dancing. If you want to see beautiful people and be seen, FURIA is the place.


PH La Trona, Calle Rogelio Alfaro. Beautiful view

City of Panama

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:00 p.m.

Reservations: (+507) 6223-5453


Web page: www.furiapanama.com

Photos courtesy: Grupo Furia

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