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Folk Gallery, a Store in Chitre with Accessible and Modern Creations Inspired by Panamanian Folklore

For Angie Garcia, it is a dream come true to have opened a store where she could sell her products. Thanks to her grandmother and aunts, she began to hone her talent for design by observing everything around her. Once she got her artisan card six years ago, she developed “Angie Garcia Accesorios”, the personal brand she used to participate in fairs and bazaars nationwide until May 30, 2022 when she was presented with the opportunity to open her own store.

The Ideal City for an Artisanal Entrepreneurship

Chitre is the economic center of the Azuero peninsula, which makes it perfect to satisfy all tourist tastes. It is a land rich in traditions which have been well kept over time, making it the perfect place to open Galeria Folk. This place full of creativity is a crafts store where you can find products made by hand by artisans with a history that highlights Panamanian culture and folklore.

Creations Inspired by Panamanian Folklore

Galeria Folk offers its clients accessible and modern products inspired by Panamanian folklore, always learning the needs and interests of personalized signatures. For this reason, in this store there are three brands of Panamanian artisans with a lot of creativity and talent: Angie Garcia Accesorios, Daniel’s Creations and Maceteros Pty. Each one is distinguished by its exclusivity in design, its modernism and personalization in each piece.

Within the range of products offered to Visitors, they include: accessories (men and women), costume jewelery (men and women), clothing of all sizes (men and women), ” tembleques” and plant pots.

Talent that Breaks Boundaries

The creative and artisanal work of Angie Garcia has reached Russia, thanks to Elvia Muñoz, better known as La “Chi Chi De Papa”, who wore colored “trembleques” and stylized colored cloths at “La Folkloreada 2021” event, where countries from all over the world presented the best of their folklore in parades and activities.

Other personalities who have dressed Angie Garcia designs are: Jose Miguel Castro, Ñero Berastegui, Rosetta Bordanea, Mrs. Dezdy, S.R.M. Maria Laura Cardenas, Calle Arriba de Las tablas 2017 and S.R.M. Rita Cristal Calle Abajo de Las Tablas 2018.

General Information

At Galeria Folk they serve customers through social media and in the store. They also make special orders and sell through the stock they have at the moment.

Cell: 6679-1698

Phone: 992-8040

Instagram: @galeriafolk

E-mail: Garcia0395@hotmail.com

Address: Ave. Herrera, behind of the Central Guesthouse

Chitre, Herrera

Photos courtesy: Galeria Folk

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