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The Coffee Tour, the Most Immersive and Natural Tourist Experience in Panama

Before, when people talked about tourism in Panama, they thought of skyscrapers, the Panama Canal and beaches. However, in recent times the Chiriqui Highlands have seen tourism as an opportunity to contribute to economic development. These natural attributes of the region combined with the ingenuity of Panamanians and foreigners created the most important experiential tourism experience in the country: the Coffee Circuit.

Unique Tourist Experience in Panama

An organically developed tourist attraction that highlights the beautiful rural coffee landscapes, adventure activities, biodiversity experimentation, thematic events, and high-quality services that include lodging and high-level gastronomy.

Similarly, this tourist tours highlights the importance of the coffee collectors who largely come from the Ngäbe-Bugle Comarca, whose authenticity and cultural richness also seek to connect with the tourist experience of Indigenous Panama.

Experience Coffee in All Its Stages and More

This tourist experience is immersive since it allows the Visitor to witness and also be part of the entire life cycle of coffee, such as planting, harvesting, packaging, and the most liked stage, tasting of the precious coffee at the end of the process.

There is also a whole series of experiences around coffee that make up the natural environment of the area such as: hiking, cafes to try sweets and coffees, international cuisine, bird watching, outdoor activities and wellness.

An Organization that Empowers Chiriquí

The Coffee Tours is a network of coordinated companies, with the highest quality and tourist experience, articulated to enhance the tourist attractions of Chiriqui’s Coffee Park as an Agro-Ecotourism destination.

The objective of this organization is to design, organize, and execute sensory tourist experiences to raise awareness in society of the value of the natural and cultural resources of the coffee park and to contribute to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Four Districts that Promote Tourism

The Coffee Circuit is made up of a total of four districts and sixteen corregimientos, located in the upper part of the Province of Chiriqui, located in the extreme west of Panama, on the border with Costa Rica.


It is a quiet town hidden between the mountains of a valley in the highlands of Chiriqui. Due to its geographical condition, Boquete has the coolest and most pleasant weather in the entire country. But its true charm lies in its most coveted product: coffee. Here you can visit the closest plantations, learn everything about their harvest and enjoy the exquisite taste of the best coffee in the world with spectacular views of nature over the Boquete valley.

Here you will find coffee farms, agricultural tourism, gastronomy and an excellent variety of exceptional places to stay. The coffee farms located here: Finca El Oasis, Tree Treck Boquete, Altieri Specialty Coffee, Don Pachi Estate, Finca Cafeto Arabica, Hacienda Mamecillo, Finca Cadelandia, Finca La Milagrosa Cafetales Don Alfredo, Finca Janca, Hacienda Belina, Finca Lerida and Elida Estate.


This District strategically located in West Chiriqui made up of five sectors, offers a wide variety of natural, cultural, social and production tourist attractions. It also offers opportunities for growth and participation to all its citizens and visitors in other sectors such as gastronomy, hotels, tourism and commerce.

It is a land blessed with an excellent temperature that makes your visit an incomparable destination and true enjoyment. The farms found in this sector: Finca Maru Geisha (Casa Grande Bambito), Bambito Estate Coffee, Finca Janson, Finca Ceriana and Finca Nueva Suiza Hermanos Lara.


Known mainly for its beautiful Fortuna Forest Reserve, an area where is located one of the most important sources of power generation in Panama: Hydroelectric Fortuna.

Likewise, thanks to its natural advantages, it has been a tourist center for years, due to its multiple rivers and waterfalls that provide a beautiful landscape as well as being ideal for spending excellent family time. The Visitor in this sector can enjoy the Horizonte Resort Hotel & Spa, an ideal place to live nature up close and from there enjoy the experiences that the coffee circuit offers.


The fourth district is a natural paradise with cool temperatures that invite you to enjoy its exquisite experience: coffee. Here, the song of the birds call to walk the paths while Mother Nature invades the senses. This is a sector full of suspension bridges and relaxing walks, with crystal clear waters, and abundant flowers, it becomes an unforgettable part of the experience in this sector. The coffee farms that the Visitor can find are: Finca Salmor, La Llorona, Don Kchiro and Café Eleta.

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