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2023 Requires an Integrated Work that Positions Panama with Differentiating Elements from the Rest of the Region – 2nd Part


2023 has just begun, leaving behind a year that started to build the foundations of Panamanian tourism in the near future. One where all the protagonists of this industry come together despite their differences, knowing that the future is together and taking everyone’s opinion into account.

That is why this Special Report continues the one from the last edition, where an analysis of the most relevant messages from our special guests was carried out. In this second installment, the guests who go from July to December 2022 are included. Each one offers a ray of hope from their professional and personal perspective regarding what we must do for the development of our tourism.

During those months, The Visitor – El Visitante team had the privilege of having economists, businessmen, journalists, tourism entrepreneurs, singers and even the World Secretary of Tourism himself. Each one offering a deep, constructive and honest analysis. And in this article, the key message of each of these guests is analyzed and we present our conclusion.

Ruben Castillo Gil

Ruben Castillo Gil:“Private companies are the largest generator of jobs, to create conditions that promote development in society”

The renowned jurist and President of the National Council of Private Enterprise CoNEP in the month of July in the face of so many social and economic imbalances, recalls the base of our national economy and where the generation of wealth comes from, no matter the industry to which it is dedicated.

Idania Dowman

Idania Dowman: “You have to support and offer opportunities to artists and musicians so that Panama becomes the Latin American Center of Jazz”.

The “Lady of Jazz” as Danilo Perez himself baptized her, is clear that if Panama is a center of musical generation and promotion, it will not only develop this industry, it will also create an export product, which will be a magnet for international concerts, educational centers of great quality and more talent that will make tourism a musical experience.

Castalia Pascual

Castalia Pascual“We need to believe in what we have, live each tradition and culture 365 days a year in each town and region of Panama.”

The journalist with the most credibility in Panamanian television touches the deepest note so that tourism can be breathed every day, and stop being a seasonal movement. If each Panamanian lives their traditions every day of their life, they have the ability to create experiences related to their traditions so that the tourist lives them regardless of the season that they visit our country.

Zurab Pololikashvili

Zurab Pololikashvili: “Panama has to develop an authentic tourism, where Visitors get to know more local people and their gastronomy, that is the future…”.

One of the most important analysis for our industry, since it marks the direct route of tourism worldwide, one that our country can take advantage for the cultural, social and economic development of Panama.

Liriola Pitty

Liriola Pitty: “Panama has to go out into the world united with a single image that identifies our national identity.”

One of the top leaders of Panamanian tourism talks about the most important thing for the industry, moving forward united at all levels. A call that has been going on for a long time and that the leaders of the sector are currently promoting to raise tourism in our country to the level it deserves.

Temistocles Rosas

Temistocles Rosas:“Panama’s tourism potential is enormous, but it must go hand in hand with long-term country development planning.”

The President of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) closed the year emphasizing a great debt that we have as a country, especially tourism: planning. A factor that is the basis for all objectives to be achieved in a progressive, quantifiable and efficient way.

The messages of the special guests in the second half of 2022 complement each other in such a harmonious way that together they create a powerful phrase: “we must believe in what we have… authentic tourism, under a single image, that generates opportunities for artists and musicians; and allow private companies to carry out country development planning that generates positive and profound changes in Panama”.

This message together with the summary of messages from the first six months of the year cover all the elements under which tourism should aspire to work this 2023. A joint effort between all the unions that consistently positions Panama as a country where tourism is spoken and we can work under the same philosophy, and that differentiates Panama from the rest in the region.

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