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Inkas Restaurant, Peruvian Gastronomy at the Heart of Santiago and Aguadulce

Every successful venture is accompanied by a visionary, a fighter who, through against all odds manages to make his dreams come true. A good example is Chef Jose Andres Simon Lizana, born in the heroic city of Chiclayo, Lambayeque department, in Peru. This gastronomy entrepreneur arrived in Panama in 1998, venturing into the world of cooking working at the restaurant “Delicias Mar del Sur” and later at Machupichu restaurant.

The Dream Comes True

Twenty years passed full of experiences and new knowledge for Chef Jose Andres’s professional life when he was able to make real one of his biggest dreams, opening Inkas Restaurant in 2018. A place where every diner can enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine wrapped in a cozy atmosphere as only Peruvians know how to create it when it comes to their culture.

Ancestral flavors of Peru

Inkas Restaurant was born in the heart of the Santiago in Veraguas Province, specifically in front of Hotel Piramidal on the Panamerican Highway. Since its inauguration, Chef Jose Andres Simon Lizana has created with his talent a fusion cuisine with ancestral flavors, making his gastronomy a benchmark in the ever-growing capital of Veraguas.

An Experience Full of Colors and Flavors

At Inkas Restaurant, diners will not only eat and taste Peruvian delicacies, they live an experience that transports them to the traditions of this beautiful and rich South American country.

However, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Chef Jose Andres is a visionary, and for this reason he opens in 2021 the second Inkas Restsurant in Aguadulce (Plaza Maracativi).

The atmosphere at Inkas Restaurant is full of the colors and flavors of Peru, where each diner can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes such as the traditional sauteed loin, ”aji de gallina”, dried beef and “ceviche de corvina”. These are just some of the dishes that can be enjoyed from the more than 60 that its extensive menu offers. You will need some time to make up your mind among so many delicacies, a good reason to return many times to this little piece of Peru in Santiago and Aguadulce.

You can also enjoy cravings such as the “parihuela”, “aguadito de mariscos”, “corvina a lo macho”, “causa Limeña”, as well as the traditional pisco sour, “chilcano”, “chicha morada” (the drink of the Inkas) and the famous Inca Kola, without forgetting Cuzco beer in all its flavors (lager, black, wheat and red).

The Conquest of Capital City

One of Chef Jose Andres Simon Lizana’s future plans is to open a third branch, but this time in Panama City. An ambitious plan that will surely achieve it with the quality demonstrated in his two restaurants, taking each diner to the magic of Peruvian culture through the native flavor of its gastronomy.

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