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Corn Rings “El Pimpo”, a Product Created from the Love for Chiriqui


Chiriqui’s gastronomy includes the El PIMPO corn ring, a product made from tender or new corn, as it is traditionally known. A product that has gained popularity among locals and foreigners, positioning itself as one of the native products that indicates a tourist visited the province.


In 1967 Don Pimpo Jaramillo opened a grocery store that later became the well-known OLDEMAR supermarket in David City. Later, in 1996, and due to his inclination for cooking, Don Pimpo began to develop the formula for this product, paying special attention to its consistency, flavor, smell, texture and other characteristics, which, as a whole, aroused great interest in who tasted it.

Who was Don Pimpo?

Raul Jaramillo Cedeño (+) better known as Pimpo Jaramillo was born on March 25 in David and from an early age he went to work forging himself with tenacity and initiative that over time became the foundations of the company today.

Don Pimpo was a cheerful person, who liked work and, in his spare time, softball and fishing in the Gulf of Chiriqui. He was a friendly man and people like the merchants Eduardo “Tuto” Taylor, the pilot Alvaro Ricoy, Nery Ortega (Comerciales Ortega S.A.), Felipe Rodriguez (Felipe Rodriguez S.A.), Jorge Alvarado (MAREASA, S.A.), Olmedo Alvarado (Transporte Alvarado S.A.) and Enrique owner of a hardware store can give testimony of it.


Married to Delmira Serracin, a woman who fought alongside him shoulder to shoulder and who today continues to be a model of dedication for her two sons Oldemar and Julian. Both brothers have managed to consolidate the company and establish a production process with high quality controls that have positioned El Pimpo Corn Rings in a preferential place in the market.

The Inspiration: Love for Chiriqui

As its creator declared, Anillos de Maiz El Pimpo arose from his love for Chiriqui, which strengthened production, keeping its principles in force: making original things that last over time; fight hard using the region’s own raw materials and inputs; keep direct contact with the consumer, whether regional, national or foreign, to publicize the origin of this emblematic product, either through its history or related anecdotes.

Variety of Products

Apart from the delicious corn rings, customers can find in the Pimpo store a series of products that perfectly accompany the main product, that is, roast pork, pork rinds, new corn buns, torrejitas, tamales and corn empanadas with chicken, meat or shrimp; all with the PIMPO brand.

The company has been increasing its production to further position both the corn rings and the rest of its products, in all supermarkets, gourmet stores and restaurants throughout the country and also to keep its products on the table of each Panamanian family or resident in the country both in the privacy of your home and in all celebrations.

Corn Rings “El Pimpo” was born from a nickname and today is a BRAND.

General information

For Orders and More Information: https://wa.me/message/ZVFLQNNAGF65G1?src=qr

E-mail: pimposanillosdemaiz@gmail.com

Instagram: @anillosdemaizpimpos; @anillosdemaizelpimpo

Distribution locations in the country: El Fuerte, El Machetazo, Jumbo, Riba Smith, Super 99, Deli Gourmet. Central Provinces: Super Carnes, Chiriqui: Super Baru, Dorado Center, City Mall.

 Payment System: Cash, Credit Cards or debit, transfer.


• Address: Corner of West Eighth Avenue and N North Street Doleguita, David,

• Telephone: 777-1681

  • Cell: 6585-1012

• Office Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday and holidays: 9:00 a.m. at 12 md


• Address: Avenida Quinta Oeste between Calle H Norte and Calle G Norte, Doleguita

• Telephone: 774-6117

  • Cell: 6685-4604

• Office hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Photos courtesy: Anillos El Pimpo

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