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Doctor Ilsa Shailer, Aesthetic Medicine that Helps Project the Desired Image and Feel Confident


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It is not the one who spends the most on clothes or the one who performs the most rejuvenation procedures to have a better image, it is the one who projects the best of herself. Is the one who makes smart purchases, knows herself, highlights key points on the face and body in a natural way, is the person in total control of her image. This is the philosophy that Dr. Ilsa Shailer applies to each of her patients when performing an aesthetic medicine treatment.

Knowing what is best for the patient

For this professional and graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama, image consultancy is for the person to know what is best for them depending on their body and lifestyle. For her, image consultancy is also about improving the way you relate to the outside world, which makes the person feel more self-confident and empowered. Everything in a simple and natural way.

Aesthetic Medicine Services

Aesthetic medicine services offered by Dr. Ilsa Shailer are focused on the comprehensive well-being of the patient that include facial rejuvenation, clinical nutrition and improvement of habits, as well as image consulting services that include recognition of the appropriate way of dressing, colors, styles to highlight their own characteristics according to the lifestyle and personality of the person. Although these are two different fields, both are mixed to offer the person well-being, a healthy self-esteem and confidence to face every day.

Benefits of Projecting a Good First Impression

According to Dr. Ilsa Shailer, 57% of first impression projected is based on the image. Although people intend not to judge superficially, there are fleeting thoughts that come to the first instance that are then processed by the brain as either good or bad. The subconscious works based on ideas built from childhood, not only by upbringing but by society itself. Dr. Ilsa Shailer hopes that this will change one day but for now 38% of the first impression is made up of non-verbal language and only 7% of the way we speak. In the end, the personal image will get the person a job, a partner or that project, or at least, it will attract attention.

Tips for 2023

For Dr. Ilsa Shailer, when a new year begins, everyone sets new goals and resolutions, however, it is necessary to have the right tools, such as having a closet with flattering clothing, having a skin routine that brightens the face, get rid of things that are no longer used, follow habits that promote delicate and healthy aging, as well as knowing how to manage stress and take collagen biostimulants. Carrying out all these tips will lead to developing a good self-esteem that will guarantee the confidence to meet the goals of the new year.

Peace of Mind of the Patient in Each Procedure

The security of being in good hands is as important as obtaining a good result. For this reason, Doctor’s Ilsa Shailer patients and clients feel the tranquility that she transmits to them when performing a procedure or covering a problem. The security of being in good hands is as important as obtaining a good result.

General Information

Office hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am-7pm to consult about advice via e-mail. Monday to Saturday from 8am-5pm for aesthetic medical procedures (by appointment).

 Cell: 6250-1304

Instagram: @dra.ilsashailer

Email: dra.ilsashailer@gmail.com

 Facebook: dra.ilsashailer

Youtube: dr. Ilsa Shailer

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