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Lands of Panama, Real Estate Company that Guarantees the Best Sale, Rent and Purchase of a Property

Lands of Panama is a Real Estate company with 14 years of experience in the real estate market. This enterprise arises with the effort and passion of its founder Elvia Suarez. For this young Panamanian businesswoman, working from an early age with national and multinational brokerage companies motivated her to skillfully create her own real estate business. Company that introduced new strategies in the national market, which have helped it to persevere over time and connect with the needs of Panamanians.

Elvia Suarez.

Creating a Brand of its Own

As a Magister, Elvia academically focused from the beginning on providing transparency, trust and character, basic ingredients of Lands of Panama brand. Always transmitting security when buying, renting or selling; and aligned with the welfare and development of the community through a high quality service.

Multiplicity of Services

Lands of Panama is dedicated to renting, selling and managing properties, taking care of the well-being of clients and owners.

Elvia Suarez.

The services it offers are aimed to:

• Find the property in which you want to invest or live and that is in the best conditions.

• Negotiate the conditions of sale or rental, always valuing the interests of the client.

• Manage residential and commercial properties.

• Carrying out transactions, especially real estate title deeds.

• They check that the properties listed by the company are free of hidden defects or liens.

• Development of the promise of sale or lease, which guarantees the conditions of sale.

• Advice on the legal expenses involved in a sale, from ANATI, the General Directorate of Revenue and the Public Registry.

• Reference with allied banks of Lands of Panama so that the client can choose the ideal mortgage within its benefits.

Elvia Suarez.

The Philosophy of its Service

For Lands of Panama it is very important to make life easier to clients, for that reason their years of experience in managing market behavior has allowed them to understand and interpret the real needs to maximize an effective search while minimizing time. Always guaranteeing the efficiency of services, with a broad portfolio of luxury properties.

Satisfied Customers, the Greatest Success

Each Lands of Panama client is part of a large family that takes the time to get to know their reality and needs. In addition to capturing new customers every day; A large percentage of potential prospects come from referrals from satisfied customers who have achieved their goals. Thanks to the responsibility, perseverance, commitment and solidity led by Elvia Suarez.

General Information

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Telephones: +507 394-7772 / +507 394-7773

Cell: +507 6650-5862

Social Media

Instagram: @landsofpanama

LinkedIn: landsofpanama

Facebook: landsofpanama

Youtube: landsofpanama

Tiktok: landsofpanama

Pinterest: landsofpanama

Twitter: @landsofpanama1

E-Mail: landsofpanama@gmail.com

Website: www.landsofpanama.com

Physical Address: Punta Paitilla – Ramón H. Jurado Street,  PH Paitilla Office Tower, 18th floor,  office 10

Photos courtesy: Lands of Panama

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