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Flovelygift, A Personalized Advice on the Organization and Decoration of your Wedding

Since she was little, Yaradith Torres has been very organized, planning, motivating, creative, standing out for her work, very versatile wherever she needs to be, and currently the Secretary of Asoflor Panama (Events organization).

Wedding Trends

For this entrepreneur, change is the only sure thing, for that reason it is important to keep up with trends and weddings are no exception. The pandemic has changed the decorative approach towards 2022, as there is a great motivation to decorate the different wedding settings with elements that can recreate nature. Garlands flooded with lights, and vintage corners. But, there is more, Yaradith affirms that although these will be the main focuses of attention, the large tall floral assemblies and the instagrammable elements are the trends that have been going strong in countries like Italy and Mexico.

Outdoors is Always More Special

Minimalist, natural and personal weddings are the 2022 wedding deco trends according to Yaradith. In addition, to avoid crowds, outdoor and beach weddings are the perfect option, since there will be spaces full of lights. Likewise, weddings held on farms are in the “cottage” style, also known as “country chic”. The expert in floral decorations continues to indicate that celebrations framed with flowers and thousands of light bulbs illuminating the space combine perfectly with the “outdoor” environment that is sought. However, the beach remains the most original and intimate option of all.

Yaradith thinks that if the client’s taste leans towards sunsets on the coast and wants the wedding to have that aura of mystery, she proposes some ideas so that an Ibiza-style wedding can be organized. Decoration is a key piece for an Ibiza wedding. She suggests opting for white fabrics or panels, to match the environment, as well as lights from copper lanterns with white candles. At the same time, our expert thinks that candles can be used in crystal glasses to give a touch of warmth and romance, since the color palette that is most often used is between whites and pastels.

Bridal Bouquets and Spectacular Centerpieces

If these are with preserved flowers, they opt for a more classic design but with “chic” touch, a trend that according to Yaradith, stands out for using these more ecological flowers than artificial and durable ones. And they will not only be seen in the bridal bouquet, but also in other flower arrangements, such as centerpieces. Our expert predicts the return of the petit bouquet, and it is that after seasons where large floral compositions and cascading bouquets have dominated, brides will bet on smaller bouquets in tune with the much simpler and more natural trends.

The banquet tables are one of the most important details according to our passionate decorator, since the guests will be there, and the decoration must be very warm and cozy. According to her, flowers and candles are the most chosen bets in bridal decoration to dress a table, using roses, peonies, hydrangeas and buttercups.

Vintage is in Fashion

Vintage decoration for its versatility is a total trend in the decoration of any wedding. Weddings are full of light colors, predominantly white, pastel tones and citrus colors, but these are not the only colors that would fit well in a wedding, for Yaradith there is a wide range of colors suitable for decoration and give it an original touch, apart from the colors that are a trend for this 2022.

A great idea for our decoration expert is to choose different shades of white for different elements, such as candles, tablecloths, cake, etc., resulting in a special atmosphere and an interesting composition. Likewise, she comments that the color pink at weddings is very popular, as it emphasizes romance and femininity, perfect for a bride. It transmits optimism, relaxation, affection and love, everything that is sought in a wedding.

We hope you liked the trends that decoration expert Yaradith Torres from Flovelygifts has recommended for your wedding, whether civil or ecclesiastical, and this is a dream day and the best Love experience.

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