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Boquete, a Destination that Steals the Heart of Visitors for its Exuberant Nature and Culture

Boquete is a Chirican paradise that has captured the hearts of expats, retirees and visitors looking for beautiful landscapes, recreation, adventure and a place to enjoy life surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Cool Weather, Nature and Colorful Architecture
At an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level and nestled in the lush volcanic landscapes of the Baru Volcano, Boquete offers a pleasant stay all year round. Its mild climate, natural springs, nature and colorful architecture give this small town in the mountainous highlands of the province of Chiriqui a very special charm.

Photo: www.visitpanama.com

Panamanian Town with the Largest Number of Activities
Boquete offers a variety of activities and experiences that meet a wide range of interests and preferences. From leisure activities such as coffee tours, hiking to hot springs or sunbathing on the beautiful the Caldera River, to adrenaline-filled adventures such as climbing, horseback riding or rafting, the Boquete area has something for everyone.

More than 500 Bird Species to Discover
Nature lovers and bird watchers will also be amazed by the incredible biodiversity that the Boquete natural environment offers. Boquete is home to a colorful and diverse mix of flora and fauna, including more than 500 species of birds.

Photo: Larry Wilkinson Photography

Culture that Mixes Local and Foreign Traditions
Boquete offers a rich and diverse culture that blends local and international influences into one, creating a warm and welcoming environment for residents and visitors. With its thriving expat community and friendly local population, the colorful mountain town of Boquete offers a unique experience that truly sets it apart. Expats and locals come together to support various community initiatives, such as volunteering at the local library, participating in environmental conservation, and organizing cultural events and activities.

Great Variety of Events and Artistic Shows
An essential element of the culture experienced in Boquete is the variety of annual events and festivals that honor the city’s heritage and customs. One of the most anticipated celebrations is the Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair, which takes place every January. Each year, the fair attracts thousands of attendees, providing an ideal occasion for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and soak up the lively atmosphere.
Another notable event is the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, usually held in February. It is the province’s largest and most popular music festival, with an impressive line-up of international and local musicians that attracts jazz and blues enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Boquete is also home to a thriving arts community, with a wide variety of galleries and studios showcasing the creations of local and international artists. Throughout the year, this mountain town hosts a series of exhibitions, workshops and performances that allow art enthusiasts to learn about and appreciate the artistic talent of this region.

Photo: Juan Miguel Brenes, C4 Groove Band

Gastronomy, a Destination within Boquete
From traditional Panamanian cuisine to international gourmet cuisine, such as Italian or Thai, there is no shortage of dining options in Boquete. Local favorites include seafood, slow-cooked meats, and tropical fruits from surrounding farms. The town also offers several bakeries and cafes, the perfect opportunity to take a break and taste Boquete’s world-famous Coffee.

Photo: Chef Adelia Cisneros
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