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Boca Chica, a Coastal Paradise with Activities that Allow You to Discover the Gulf of Chiriqui

Boca Chica is a small coastal town located in the San Lorenzo district, in Chiriqui. In recent years the increase in tourism thanks to the fact that it has become the gateway to the Gulf of Chiriqui and its impressive marine life, as well as its tropical islands. When visiting this rapidly growing destination, it is important to know the large number of activities that can be enjoyed.
Tour Paradisiacal Beaches
Visiting Boca Chica and staying in one of its hotels makes it mandatory to take a beach tour on Gamez and Bolaños islands, both located in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Both have beautiful lush nature and white sand beaches. There are tours also to beaches on islands at a closer distance on Boca Brava, Saino or Linarte islands. Likewise, Boca Chica has Playa Hermosa just 15 minutes away.


International Sport Fishing
For fishing lovers, the Gulf of Chiriqui is a paradise since it is possible to catch fish such as snapper, mackerel, horse mackerel and others. Some hotels and fishing clubs also offer professional deep-sea fishing in places such as Hannibal Bank, Secas Island, Montuosa Island and Ladrones Island. These islands are part of the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park. Also, in these waters it is possible to catch large fish such as tuna, goldfish, roosterfish, mackerel, snapper, croaker, grouper and others.

The Best Diving and Snorkeling in the Region
The best islands for snorkeling are Gamez and Secas islands. However, the Islands at approximately one hour from Boca Chica are the ones with the greatest variety of fish and coral, a spectacle. for nature lovers.
For diving lovers, Hannibal Bank, Secas and Ladrones islands are the best options to practice this sport. The great diversity of aquatic life is amazing and wonderful.

Photo: Juan Miguel Brenes, Tourism Giide

Whale Watching
Once a year, humpback whales visit the Gulf of Chiriqui, as well as other regions of the country to delight Panamanians and foreigners with their acrobatics and have their babies. From mid-July to the end of October you can observe these giant mammals. It is an unparalleled experience.

Discover the Gulf in a Kayak
If you like to go out and explore the surrounding areas on your own, you can rent or request kayaks at the hotel. The warm, calm waters are safe for this activity. This is a good exercise to keep you in shape, but always reminding you the safety rules.

Photo: Juan Miguel Brenes, Tourism Giide

Horse Riding and Hiking
Some hotels in Boca Chica offer horseback riding experience. It is important to book in advance and it is always done with an expert guide. Likewise, discovering the nature that surrounds Boca Chica is possible by hiking in the area either with guides or on your own. The hotels offer expert guides and information on the trails.

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