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Coronado, a Beach Community with a Lifestyle that Attracts Many Expats

Coronado, a Beach Community with a Lifestyle that Attracts Many Expats
Coronado is one of the most popular beach towns on the Pacific coast of Panama. Located just one hour from Panama City in the region defined as Arco Seco due to its low annual rainfall.
Coronado has for many years been the favorite place for many panamanians seeking sand and sun, however, for some time now it has also become a thriving expat community that grows every year.

Photo: Steve Abdu

A Beach Community with First World Services
Coronado offers most of the first world amenities, but at more affordable costs. The properties are less expensive and the existing infrastructure it is of high quality.
It is also possible to find a Country Club, several large supermarkets, a golf course, a shopping center and many leisure activities.

Reasons to Move and Live
There are many good reasons to move to Coronado. First, it is a place used to receiving visitors and many expats currently live in this beach community.
The tropical climate is perfect, as temperatures can range around 85 F and rainfall is considerably lower than most of Panama.
Each new development introduces ideas for fun activities or new businesses that meet the needs of all residents. You can also perform community service and enjoy social events as well as a wide range of activities, such as tennis, mahjong, golf and pickleball.
Another good reason is that it has excellent medical services by having a nationally renowned clinic such as Hospital San Fernando that offers a wide range of service, specialists and modern equipment.
Steve Abdu, a former airline pilot who settled in Coronado in 2005, says he loves it because of the many friends and activities that can be enjoy, from a game day, a first Friday of the month gathering or fishing trips.

Steve Abdu with his wife

Relaxing Beach Lifestyle
In Coronado life is very relaxing and calm. This place is originally a tourist destination and even Panama’s elite have their beach and weekend residences.
The locals are very friendly people and many of them speak English. Established expats can make you feel at home while living abroad.
For Jim Votaw, who used to live in San Diego, comments that the expat community and Panamanians are one of the reasons why they love living in Coronado. This is because people are simply very attentive and cooperative when help is needed.

Real Estate in Coronado
Most of the properties are located within the oldest private beach complex in Panama. Purchasing or renting a property also let’s you acquire a membership to the Country Club’s private recreational facilities. This includes access to unlimited green fees, beach club, resort restaurants and bars, beach volleyball court, tennis gym and spa.
In Coronado it is possible to find everything from luxury condominiums to cozy resale homes and lots of all shapes and sizes. There are currently not many beachfront homes to be found, however the majority of available properties are just at a five minutes walk from the beach.
In Coronado you will find everything to live a good life, but at an accessible cost. However, one thing that both Jim Votaw and Steve Abdu agree on is that the friendship with both Expats and Panamanians is what they love most about living in this beach paradise.

Photo: Steve Abdu
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