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Boquete, the Largest Expat Community in Panama, Surrounded by Nature, Culture and Activities

Boquete in Chiriqui Province for many decades has been a mountain town that welcomes people from other countries attracted by its climate, beautiful nature and relaxed lifestyle. Many of these first immigrants were the pioneers in the development of the highest quality product in Panama: coffee.

The Largest Community of Expats in Panama

Today Boquete has the largest community of expats in Panama, people who mostly come to retire. However, in recent years younger people wanting to change their lifestyle and continue working remotely are arriving, which is helping to energize the environment and activities throughout the region.

Cathy Doig and Jeferson Hurtado (Gnäbe Bugle and ftriend)

Culture and Nature, Ingredients that Attract Expats

Many foreigners upon arriving in Boquete are attracted by the exuberant nature found in the area. For Cathy Doig, a native of Detroit who has been living in Boquete for the past 12 years comments that what attracted her the most was the quality of life that is enjoyed since it is possible to have long walks along natural trails and go to the beach located at a short distance. For Betty Speyer, who moved alone to Boquete because of how safe it is, loves that flowers of all colors grow everywhere, something that is not very common in Michigan, the United States where she lived.

The local culture is of great interest to many expats, for Cathy Doig the way of life of Ngäbe Bügle groups and their traditions were other of the great attractions she found in Boquete. Interacting, learning and sharing with this indigenous ethnic group is something very different from what she was used to.

Jude Schmidt and his wife Cheryl

A Mountain Town with Many Things to Do

If there is one thing that is true, is that Boquete is a place full of activities and very friendly people who welcome new expats. Betty Speyer comments that expats living in Boquete welcome new arrivals with open arms, accompanied by activities that this community organizes to facilitate the adaptation process, as well as volunteer activities with charity organizations involved in helping people in need and animals.

Jude Schmidt, who has lived in Boquete since 2017 and works remotely from home believes that the town has a vibrant lifestyle as it has many restaurants, activities and events for all tastes.

Knowing the Local Culture, is Key to Enjoy Boquete

Many Expats comment that if a foreigner makes the decision to live in Boquete and thinks that they will find the same things as in their country of origin, they are destined not to adapt. Cathy Doig, finds Panamanians very friendly and very helpful when needed. She did not expect to feel as in the United States, she focused on learning Spanish as much as possible, respecting local rules and always remembering that she is a guest of Panama.

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