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Pixvae, the New Jewel of Natural and Sustainable Tourism on the Veraguas Pacific Coast

Pixvae is a community located on the Panamanian Pacific coast, it is a township of Las Palmas, in Veraguas province. This town is located in a privileged site, since it is one of the access routes to Coiba National Park.

The inhabitants of this coastal town work in agriculture, livestock and, mainly, fishing. The tourist vocation of the residents is notable, since each Visitor is treated with kindness and human warmth, one of the biggest reasons why they return many times.

Cool Weather and Beautiful Beaches to Enjoy

This is an ideal place to get in touch with nature, thanks to its cool weather, a little colder in the northern part, in an area called “La Sierra”, where rain is frequent throughout the year.

In this tourist paradise there are beautiful beaches, rivers, coves and impressive natural landscapes. An ideal place to visit during holidays or weekends.

Paradise for Divers

Since this community in Veraguas is located within the buffer zone of the Coiba National Park, it is the starting place for tours to the charming islands of this marine park in the Veraguas Pacific. For this reason Pixvae has become a popular scuba diving center. Divers come to this town to explore the varied underwater ecosystem of the Coiba Marine Park, which includes sharks, rays, dolphins, sea turtles and vibrant coral reefs.

Destination that Promotes Sustainable Tourism

In recent years, Pixvae has become a benchmark for sustainable tourism, promoting the preservation of its natural environment and biodiversity. The local community plays an active role in conservation efforts, ensuring the area remains pristine for future generations to enjoy.

Visitors can also enjoy activities such as beach walks, kayaking, and mangrove tours. Wildlife lovers can spot monkeys, birds and sea turtles in the area.

A Quiet Town Where You Enjoy Local Cuisine

Pixvae seduces visitors with its tranquil atmosphere, authentic village surroundings and delicious local cuisine served in its restaurants. Immersion in the local culture and way of life adds to the overall experience.

This destination offers the perfect mix of natural beauty, adventure and relaxation for tourists looking for an unforgettable experience.

New Highway that Makes It Easier to Visit this Paradise

Previously, it was needed an all-terrain vehicle to get to this place, since it was a dirt road and required a vehicle that could withstand the difficult path. However, this changed in January when the new paved road was inaugurated , allowing residents and tourists faster access.

To get to Pixvae, take the highway from Sona in Veraguas to Calidonia Town and then the highway to the south of the Las Palmas district until you reach the Pixvae coast. It takes only 1 hour from the town of Sona.

Photo Courtesy: Hotel Playa Pixvae, Instagram: @hostalyyosi

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