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Taboga Island, a Tropical Destination with Beaches, Incredible Views of the Pacific and Colonial History

Taboga island is located in the Gulf of Panama, just 20 kilometers from Panama City. An ideal destination to take a day tour or stay for several days to delve into the life of its town and the activities it offers. To get to this paradisiacal and historical island you only have to take a 30 minutes ferry leaving from the Amador Causeway.

Known as the Island of Flowers, Taboga is the ideal place to relax on the beach, enjoy long walks and eat in San Pedro town. In this article you will find the main points of interest on the island, hiking routes and activities to enjoy.

Cerro del Vigia, Ideal for Hiking

Several hiking excursions are offered in Taboga that traverse the lush vegetation of the island. This hill was a viewpoint for the United States to monitor the coasts during World War II. There is an excursion that takes you to the top, the highest point on the island and from where you can get the best views of the sea, the ships entering the canal and Panama City.

Beautiful Beaches to Relax

Taboga Island has perfect beaches for relaxing and sunbathing.

La Restinga: Located on the north of the island, it is very special because when the tide goes out the beach joins “El Peñón del Morro” through a unique sand path.

Playa Honda: It is closer to the town and also has a playground. Perfect for the whole family.

Pierra Llama Beach: Small beach that can only be accessed by boat, a perfect place to relax full and feel 100% peace.

Cerro de la Cruz and its Mysterious History

In this place you can go hiking with impressive views. It is a 2 km walk that takes an hour and a half. Something that draws a lot of attention from Visitors is the history that this place hides, since for many years the spirits of three criminals tormented citizens of the island, and for this reason, the town priest decided to put three crosses on the hill. to stop the continuous events that the inhabitants were experiencing.

San Pedro, a Magical Town with Colonial History

In the town on the island of Taboga, Visitors walk through its streets full of colorful houses, patios with flowers and terraces with views of the sea. There are no cars circulating here, which creates a relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for disconnecting from urban stress.

Many of the buildings are of colonial origin, such as the church of San Pedro, which dates back to the 17th century and was declared a historical monument for its cultural legacy. In San Pedro you can enjoy a wide gastronomic offer where Panamanian-style fish and seafood dishes stand out, as well as restaurants with international menus. Restaurants like Calaloo Beach, Sabroso Panamá and Mundi’s Restaurant are excellent options to try their culinary delights.

In the town you can also find several hotels and Airbnbs, of all prices and tastes. At Taboga each Visitor finds something that suits their budget and personal tastes.

Photos: www.visitpanama.com

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