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Today We Celebrate the Vital Contribution of the Ambassadors of Panamanian Culture: The Tourist Guides

On February 21, International Tour Guide Day is celebrated around the world.

The date was chosen in 1990, coinciding with the creation of the World Federation of Professional Tour Guides (WFTGA); association that, through its work together, dignifies the profession and elevates its promotion internationally.

Juan Antonio de la Guardia

The Tourist Guide is the first line of contact and the most durable that the tourist maintains during their stay in our country; is the person who guides visitors and interprets the natural and cultural heritage of the region being visited. It is the agent that transmits the cultural, social and political values ​​of the nation to the visitor. It represents a sample of the country, it reflects the national identity and the Panamanian population. They are cultural ambassadors with communication skills to transmit everything that tourists want and should know and learn.

Juan Miguel Brenes

He has diverse knowledge in gastronomic and culinary aspects, history, philosophy, commitment, discipline and willingness to serve.

The tour guide represents the travel agency, the operator and the country; of the good and bad that constitutes the environment. They have social commitment to the host communities. It plays a noble role in the tourism system, ensuring that the tourist brings back pleasant memories of the place visited on their camera, on their cell phone and in their memory.

José Ibarra

When carrying out his job, a good guide demonstrates his ability to captivate tourists, while presenting the wide variety of topics related to the diverse tourist offer that the place where he carries out his activity has.

Today the entire team at The Visitor – El Visitante would like to congratulate all the tour guides who, with their ability and dedication, make our country the best place in the world to visit.

Patricio Roca
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